Saturday, January 14, 2017


Everyone has reasons why 2016 may not have been their year. For many, a new year offers a fresh start or an opportunity to refocus on things you'd like to improve upon. I'm setting some new goals for myself and also keeping on track with things I've already started. Some of these are beauty related, others are just things I try to incorporate into everyday life. Here goes!

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Stay organized  |  I think this shows up on most people's list. I'm a pretty organized person by nature. I love organizing closets, cabinets, clothes, you name it. I even bought a label maker this year. (It's addicting!) I also keep organized with my planner, which was a lifesaver this past year. I love the Sugar Paper planners from Target. They have clean designs, attractive patterns, and a number of layouts that work for everyday use. I have a thing for gold lately so I'm obsessed with the gold polka dots!

Minimize  |  Okay, this one goes for makeup as well as possessions in general. After moving every few years or so, I really saw how much stuff just got moved without being used. I've decluttered not only areas like my basement and kitchen, but also my beauty stash. I have to take a good hard look at things and think if I've used it in the past 6 months and if I would choose certain products over others in my collection. Thinking of it that way gives me a good idea of things I should hang on to vs. those I should declutter. One big garbage bag later, I feel much better.

More pampering  |  After going through my beauty stash, I realized how many great face masks I had collected and never made time to enjoy. I'm definitely going to put more emphasis on my skincare and using masks at least twice a week to keep my skin looking its best.

Quality not quantity  |  This mimics my goal to minimize, but also applies to things like food. I've really tried to make some diet changes lately (and no, the holidays didn't help!) so I want to make an effort to pare down on the food I buy. I'd rather have a cabinet with fewer delicious, "better-for-me" snacks than a bunch of junk I don't feel good about eating 5 minutes after I'm done. I'm also going to apply this to my wardrobe and go through things I haven't worn and donate as much as I can. I'm pretty basic with my outfits so this one shouldn't be too hard!

Make a plan  |  Recently, I've found the best way to manage my time is making a weekly plan for household chores. This way, I don't get overwhelmed with things to do on one particular day. With things spread out, it helps me alleviate stress and gives me more time to do things I love like writing and photography.

Focus on the good  |  I know... easier said than done. I had to use every ounce of energy to get through a really difficult health situation this year. I could have let it completely consume me, but that wouldn't have made me feel better or made it any easier. I had to remind myself of all the good that surrounded me and how truly lucky I am. It doesn't lessen what you're going through, but redirecting your thoughts and energy to something positive can really help you feel better inside and out. I hope to continue that this year and beyond.

Here's to a happy, healthy new year.

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