Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Beauty Box 5 September 2016

This month's Beauty Box 5 features favorites from the BB5 staff so subscribers are really in for a treat. There's everything from skincare to makeup to haircare.  I was excited to see a couple of my favorites in here too, so let's take a look!

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beauty box 5 september 2016 - the beauty puff

Happy Brands Hair Turban | $18 | I use towels like this every time I wash my hair.  They help reduce frizz and help your hair dry faster too.  After I wash my hair and squeeze out excess moisture, I apply my hair serum and twist my hair up so it's secure in the towel.  That way, my hair is smooth and ready to blow dry when I remove it.  This is one of my favorite items this month for sure.

Go Smile Teeth Whitening Gel | Sample, Full Size $29 |  This gel can be used with your current toothpaste to whiten your teeth.  I don't think I've ever used a product like this before.  I like that you can incorporate it into routine whenever you want, instead of switching toothpastes all together.  You just add this gel, along with your current toothpaste to your dry toothbrush and brush as usual.  There's no odd taste or texture either.  I didn't even notice it when I used it with my toothpaste.  The sample size included should last about a week.

Pur~lisse Essential Daily Moisturizer | Sample, Full Size $55 |  I've had this moisturizer for a while and it's fabulous for summer.  You get light weight hydration with SPF 30.  It dries quickly, leaves no residue or white cast, and works beautifully with sensitive skin.  I'll be saving this one for travel.

Be a Bombshell HD Finishing Powder | $7 |  This finishing powder mattifies and prolongs makeup without adding any additional color.  I love translucent powders, especially loose powders.  They just "mesh" with my skin a lot better than most pressed powders.  I've never tried a face powder by Be a Bombshell so I'm looking forward to this one.

Simple Cleansing Wipes | 7 ct, Full Size $5.99/25 ct |  These wipes are definitely a favorite of mine.  They are gentle and remove every bit of makeup without irritating my skin or leaving any residue.  Plus, subscribers received a coupons for a future purchases from Simple Skincare.  I love my coupons!

Beauty Box 5 is only $12/mo with free shipping in the US.  Each month you'll get five beauty products and many times the items are full-size!  Each full-size item is marked with a heart on the product list that comes with each box.  When you fall in love with items in your box, keep an eye out for them in the Beauty Box 5 shop.  There's always something new, so subscribe and follow @beautybox5 on social media so you don't miss a thing!

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