Sunday, June 19, 2016

Double-Duty Beauty | Miyu Beauty Essence

To be a real stand-out in my skincare collection, a product has to provide multiple benefits for my skin.  I'll reach for things more knowing they're doing a lot for my skin and also saving me time in my routine.  My latest double-duty beauty item is the Miyu Beauty De-Stress Mi Beauty Essence - a long name for a product that does a whole lot for my skin.

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miyu beauty essence - the beauty puff

First off - what is an essence?  A beauty essence is a product packed with skin-loving ingredients that are ultra-nourishing, hydrating, and benefit your skin from the inside.  The Miyu Beauty De-Stress Essence is a formula that gets misted on the face for an easy, sanitary application.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

Dandelion | Calms inflammation

Essential Minerals | Promote resilient skin and calm inflammation

Ginger | Protects and acts as an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory

Honeysuckle | Soothes and protects

Licorice | Soothes sensitivities and brightens

Peppermint | Soothes and purifies

miyu beauty essence - the beauty puff

This beauty essence can replace your toner as well as your serum - combining those two steps into one, quick mist!  Not only have I used this mist prior to my moisturizer in the morning, but I've also used it after workouts, showers and during the days I'm not wearing any makeup to give my skin a boost.  This particular essence has the refreshing scent of peppermint which is really rejuvenating throughout the day.

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