Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Series ft. Kismet Opulent

There seems to be nothing more desirable this time of year than the look of glowing, sun-kissed skin.  However, knowing what I know now and the lengths I've gone to care for my skin, no amount of beauty is worth damaging my skin in the sun.  Bronzing lotions are a fantastic alternative for temporary, yet gorgeous color you can enjoy any time of year.  A beautiful option is Opulent by Kismet Cosmetics.

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kismet cosmetics opulent - the beauty puff

Opulent not only gives your skin a natural, sun-kissed glow, but also has aloe, chamomile and green tea to hydrate and nourish skin.  Simply apply Opulent to areas such as your arms and legs and let dry for about five minutes.  The formula is smooth and hydrating without feeling greasy.  The color does not transfer on to clothes, but washes off easily in the shower.  It has a gorgeous reflective glow, giving the skin a healthy, luminous look.  Not only that, I love the smell.  It has a light fragrance of coconut and lime so you get a great balance of sweet and fresh for the warmer months.

kismet cosmetics opulent - the beauty puff

Kismet has partnered with the LSO Foundation, which provides shaded areas for playgrounds and raises awareness for sun safety.  The LSO Foundation was created in memory of Lauren Savoy, who was diagnosed with Stage III Melanoma in 2009 and passed away in 2012, about a month before her 28th birthday.  It's really quite frightening that a disease can be so aggressive.  While we can't prevent all illnesses, we can make significant changes to protect ourselves and support a good cause at the same time.  Ten percent of all proceeds from Opulent go to the LSO Foundation.  So as you do something good for your skin, you can do something even better to raise awareness and support this organization.  You can shop the entire Kismet Cosmetics collection below.  Also, if you missed my last post featuring Kismet's NEW lipsticks, click here!


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