Friday, April 15, 2016

ReGenesis Hair

Some of my favorite hair products are those that are virtually undetectable.  They don't leave any residue and feel weightless in my hair.  Lately I've been enjoying a few products by ReGenesis, the RevitaLash haircare line, that focus on volume and protecting my hair from breakage.

-pr sample-
regenesis by revitalash - the beauty puff

Fast-Absorbing Foam  |  For everyday volume, this foam is ideal for those with shorter hair and men as well.  I have long thick hair but I really enjoyed using this product to give my shorter layers some "oomph" during the day.  It leaves no sticky residue or undesirable texture in the hair so you can style any way you choose.  I have tried this while wearing my hair wavy and straight and it has worked beautifully!  It features BioPeptin Complex Technology which delivers essential nutrients, fortifying peptides and plant extracts that protect hair.  Not only are you getting additional volume with this foam, but also protection against damage and increased shine!

Micro-Targeting Spray  |  A couple pumps of this micro-targeting spray can provide extra volume in areas where you need it most.  As with the Fast-Absorbing Foam, this spray features the BioPeptin Complex which is released over an extended period of time with RevitaSome technology. This way, you're left with beautiful, voluminous hair all day long.  Simply apply 1-2 pumps, massage into hair with your fingertips and style as usual.  This particular product is ideal for those with longer hair... that's me!

Spot Serum  |  Proper haircare needs to include care of the scalp as well!  This spot serum comes with a convenient roller ball that evenly disperses the serum to trouble spots.  You can use it in areas that are particularly thin to promote thicker, fuller hair.  It can also be used in other areas to defend against hair breakage.  You can apply this product 2-3 times a day for maximum results.  The serum leaves no greasy residue and is really easy to apply and take with you for travel if needed.

Whether you have fine, thinning hair, or want extra volume that lasts for an extended period of time, the ReGenesis line has something for everyone.  I've noticed increased volume and even more bounce in my hair on the second day after washing!  To find the right products for your hair, visit the RevitaLash website below.


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