Monday, April 4, 2016

Beauty Addicts Cosmetics - Retreat

Whether you are traveling or not this spring and summer, you can still enjoy a gorgeous bronze glow thanks to the Beauty Addicts Cosmetics Retreat kit.  This kit includes the HydraSUNRays matte bronzer, GlimmerSHEERS Express highlighter duo, and a duo fiber face brush.

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beauty addicts cosmetics retreat - the beauty puff

Matte bronzer is one of those staple items in my makeup collection.  Any day, any season, I will reach for a matte bronzer.  This versatile shade will work for multiple skintones and provide a beautiful, natural warmth to the skin.  Not only that, this bronzer has great skin-loving ingredients:

Pearl Powder | fights signs of aging
Vitamin B5 | hydrates
Green Tea | calms and soothes redness

My skin is sensitive and often becomes red even after applying moisturizer so I was particularly excited to see green tea as an ingredient!  The formula of this bronzer is smooth and it blends effortlessly with the included face brush in this kit.  It is a synthetic, duo fiber brush that practically does the work for you.  I am a huge fan of duo fiber brushes for a flawless finish!

beauty addicts cosmetics retreat - the beauty puff

Once you are all bronzed and beautiful, all that's left is that gorgeous highlight.  The Express highlighter duo includes a clear gel highlight and a pearlescent highlight.  When I opened this product I was really intrigued by the clear highlight.  This gel can be applied over any foundation for an instant dewy look.  This type of product is great if you want a glow without adding any additional color to your look.  The pearlescent highlight has just a hint of pink which coordinates nicely with the majority of blushes I would choose for this time of year. It also looks beautiful on the cupids bow to enhance the lips.  It's also great for on-the-go because you can tap it on the skin with clean fingers for a simple, healthy glow.

Ready to get bronzed, luminous skin for spring?  Check out these products and more on the Beauty Addicts Cosmetics website below!

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