Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Spring Series ft. My Beauty Spot

Warmer weather, lighter clothes and brighter colors.  They're almost here.  If you're looking to freshen your look for spring, you'll love the selection from My Beauty Spot.  They have beauty products such as skincare, makeup brushes, and even nail polish.  Today we'll look at one of their nail polish collections - Cloud Nine.

-pr sample-
my beauty spot - the beauty puff
Top | 1, 2, 3  Bottom | 4, 5, 6

Though the nail polishes themselves do not have names, I just assigned numbers to each for easy reference.

my beauty spot cloud nine - the beauty puff
Swatches L to R | 1-6 (2 coats)

1. A bright, vivid pink with opaque coverage in just one coat
2.  A glittery pink top coat with small silver glitter and large pink hexagon glitter
3.  A raspberry pink with opaque coverage in two coats
4.  A vibrant shimmery purple with opaque coverage in one coat
5.  A gray based glitter with purple, silver and multi-colored glitter
6. A glittery purple top coat with a clear base

Overall, I love the wear and opacity of these shades.  My favorites are definitely 1, 3 and 4.  I would only wear the glitter shades 2 and 6 as topper shades, personally.  Shade 5, though a glitter polish, has more opaque coverage with three thin coats.  I wore it on my toes and it looked really nice!  One thing I loved about the glitter polishes in this collection is that they weren't too difficult to remove, which was a nice surprise.

my beauty spot - the beauty puff

One thing to note, I did notice more of a smell from these polishes than others that I own.  These are 5 free polishes so I'm not quite sure what makes the odor more potent.  Regardless, they apply, wear and look fantastic.  I really like the versatility included in the Cloud Nine Collection, I'll definitely get a lot of wear out of these!

my beauty spot - the beauty puff

My Beauty Spot offers a wide array of nail polish collections to suit any taste.  They have vibrant shades, neutrals, glitter, or even matte.  Explore the entire line below!

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