Saturday, January 2, 2016

StriVectin Advanced Pore Refiner

My skin has a multitude of issues that I need to address with different skincare products.  What remains constant is oil production and visible pores, mainly around my nose and the center of my face.  I've heard of StriVectin products before but never took the plunge.  I'm so glad I tried the StriVectin Advanced Pore Refiner because I have noticed a huge difference in oil production and pore size!

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strivectin advanced pore refiner - the beauty puff

I am always on the hunt for something to balance and control oil production.  I really like that this Pore Refiner can be used on its own or underneath makeup so I can use it every single day.  As the instructions say, I apply this product at the end of my skincare routine.  I focus my application in the center of my face/t-zone as this is the area that needs attention.  I've found it works very well alongside my usual moisturizers, serums etc. with no adverse reaction.  In terms of packaging, it has a convenient pump so you can dispense just enough product without waste.  It also has a cap which makes it ideal for travel and also keeps the pump clean and sanitary for application.   

The StriVectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner moisturizes skin while minimizing pores and oil.  My oily skin seems to be no match for most products, until this Pore Refiner.  I've definitely noticed a more tightened appearance of pores alongside the reduction of oil on my skin.  I haven't had much luck with oil control products in the past so this was quite a pleasant surprise for me!  My skin's texture is improving and that obviously reflects in how my makeup has applied as well, it's amazing!

strivectin advanced pore refiner - the beauty puff

One pump is more than enough for each use with this product.  I use it each morning and night and it performs well whether I wear makeup or not.  It absorbs quickly and is completely undetectable which is important especially if you are wearing it under makeup!  My sensitive skin hasn't become red or irritated since I started using it which is fantastic.  This is my first experience with a product containing Retinol so I'm very pleased with the results.

If you have oily/combination skin with visible pores, this is a phenomenal product to address those concerns.  My skin feels fresh without excess oil and gets the added anti-aging benefits as well!  Check out the StriVectin Advanced Pore Refiner for yourself!

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