Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shop Beauty Box 5 ft. Bellapierre

I have not always been a "girly girl" who obsessed over makeup and everything with the slightest hint of pink.  It took some time to embrace my girly side and my love of all things pink without walking around looking like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.  Being in my 30s now, I am finding new, more age appropriate ways to incorporate this happy color in my wardrobe, as well as makeup routine.  Imagine my delight when I discovered Bellapierre's All About Cheeks & Lips Collection in pink.  My inner child jumped for joy.

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bellapierre cosmetics - the beauty puff

I have received individual Bellapierre products in beauty boxes before, but when I saw this entire set in the Beauty Box 5 shop, I knew I had to try it.  The set comes with:

Mineral Blush in Desert Rose
Cheek & Lip Stain in Pink
Illuminating Bronzer in Peony
Kabuki Brush

I really like that they included a kabuki brush in this set because it's incredibly soft and blends product well.  Most often though, I prefer a duo fiber brush for blush so I have more control over the application and can build the color until it's just right.  The kabuki brush a nice addition to the set, I just prefer a less dense brush.  One of the main things I love about this set is its versatility.  The blush, for example, can be used on its own or on top of the cheek stain for a more vibrant look.  It's a very flattering shade that isn't too bright so it will suit any season.  I appreciate the subtle tone to this blush because many pinks have a tendency to look far too bright on my skin.  This one has a gorgeous rosy hue that's very versatile and would compliment a variety of skintones.

bellapierre cosmetics - the beauty puff

The lip and cheek stain, as the name implies, can be used on the lips or cheeks for a natural flush.  I love how quick and easy this product is to use.  I typically use my middle and ring finger to apply it on my cheeks, to get the lightest touch possible.  It applies much more vibrantly on the cheeks than it does the lips, so use less at first when applying as a blush.  My favorite way to wear this product is on my lips, because it's not too bright.  You can build the color's intensity and also top with a clear gloss for a finishing touch.  Definitely a great product to keep in your purse in case you need an extra pop of color!

bellapierre cosmetics swatches - the beauty puff
L to R: Desert Rose blush, Pink cheek & lip tint, Peony illuminating bronzer

The Illuminating bronzer, despite its name, can be used as a highlight on the cheeks or even on the brow bone for a subtle glow.  If you showed me this product without telling me its name, I never would have described it as a bronzer.  Regardless, it is a beautiful product and probably my favorite aspect of this set.  I have found myself constantly reaching for this as a highlight because it gives the most stunning luminescence to the cheeks.  It looks really nice especially in the winter when skin can look a bit dull - not the case once you apply this beauty!  The swatch above is a concentrated application, but you certainly wouldn't apply it that way on your cheeks.  You could however, apply it with a flat shadow brush for a quick eye look and it would be beautiful!  Mental note: must use as eyeshadow.  I told you this was a versatile set!

bellapierre cosmetics - the beauty puff

To say these products make me happy would be an understatement.  I'm really impressed by the colors and finishes.  I've really been enjoying them a lot!  If you are looking for a natural, flattering way to incorporate pink into your beauty routine, I definitely recommend this set.  I'm loving wearing it now, but I'm even more excited to wear it this spring!  Check out the Beauty Box 5 shop for this and more treats at:

The Beauty Puff

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