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Beauty Box 5 January 2016

There's something to be said for having your hair and nails in check.  When my hair is a mess and my nails are chipped I feel like a total bum.  Throw on some polish and give the hair a good fluff and I feel like a new woman.  Beauty Box 5 had my number this month with their Ev'rythang Done box, including ev'rythang you need to get pampered, primped and pretty.

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beauty box 5 january 2016 - the beauty puff

Bodipure Keratin Gloves - $5

These gloves won't keep your hands warm, but they'll definitely give your skin some much needed moisture and TLC this winter.  Think of them like those sheet masks you have for your face, only you slip them on your hands!  If you're really prepared, you'll put these on when someone else is around so you can get a relaxing hand massage to work in the moisture.  Talk about a spa treatment at home.

Nails, Inc. polish in Sloane Mews - $9.99 *colors vary

There were a few different shades that were sent out this month, but the shade I received in my box is Sloane Mews.  This is a gorgeous, ultra dark plum shade.   From a distance, it looks black, but it's really pretty.  I love the super shiny finish of this polish too.  I liked it so much I didn't put a clear coat on, so it chipped sooner than I would have liked, but I'll know better for next time.  I'm a big fan of this polish overall, I've got nothing like it in my collection.

Scratch Custom Accent Nail Wraps - $6

I keep getting these cool nail wraps in beauty boxes, and never make it a point to try them.  I absolutely must!  I love the pattern included in this month's box it's really pretty.  I love the idea of not having to worry about chipped nails for a while.  As recommended, I'll definitely apply a top coat so they last even longer.

Novex Bamboo Sprout Deep Conditioning Treatment - Full size $14.99 (one time use packet included)

Ok, so this packaging had all the instructions in another language so I treated it as I would any other deep conditioner.  I shampooed my hair, squeezed out the excess water, and applied the deep conditioner and let it sit until the end of my shower.  After reading a bit more, I think this could also be used on dry hair.  Not entirely sure.  Regardless, my hair felt great after I rinsed it out.  It was smooth, manageable, and dried beautifully.  Not too bad considering I had no idea what I was doing!  I'm a big fan of deep conditioning products for my hair this time of year so I was happy to have this one!

Not Your Mother's Haircare Plump for Joy - Full size $7 (2 fl oz included)

I was really excited when I saw the preview this month featuring this product.  My hair is thick and heavy and sometimes it seems like it needs an army to lift it up for any sort of volume.  You can use this spray on damp or dry hair so I tried it on my "second day, there's no help for it now" hair.  Loooove the results.  I didn't get the "oh so sticky, product build-up" kind of volume.  It was a very natural lift that I could build, adjust and run my fingers through.  I have tried the Not Your Mother's Volumizing Powder and it felt really sticky in my hair.  Not very pleasant.  Quite the opposite with Plump for Joy, this stuff rocks.  I'll definitely be getting the full size once I'm out of this bottle.  Thanks, Beauty Box 5, you picked a winner!

Salon Grafix Hair Spray - Full size $6.99 (1.5 oz included)

Who doesn't love a mini hair spray?  I'm always using these great sizes for travel so this will definitely come in handy.  In the box description, it says "enjoy this bonus finishing touch" so I suppose this was an extra treat in this month's Beauty Box 5!  What a nice way to start the year.

I'm excited to see what Beauty Box 5 has in store for 2016!  Monthly subscriptions are $12/mo with free shipping in the U.S.  You'll get five beauty samples and many items are full size!  These items are clearly marked with a heart on the description card that tells you all about the products you receive.  Also, be sure to keep an eye out for your favorites in the Beauty Box 5 Shop!  Ready to subscribe?  Visit:

The Beauty Puff

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