Thursday, January 14, 2016

A New Year with Juice Beauty

Many of us want to kick off the new year doing something better for ourselves, our well-being, and our bodies.  What better way than to clean up your skincare routine?  A cleaner, greener year awaits and all you have to do is check out your local Ulta.  Juice Beauty products are available in store or online.  I love having a place where I can check out first hand, the latest and greatest in healthier beauty products.  So what does my latest skincare routine include?  The Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Solutions Kit and Instant Eye Lift Masks.  I love starting the year off right!

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juice beauty stem cellular - the beauty puff

You might be thinking that a system of skincare products is going to be too time consuming or hard to stick to in the new year.  These formulas are easy to use, fast absorbing, and most of all, effective!  Whether you are in a rush to get out the door in the morning, or are in for the night and want some pampering, Juice Beauty has the ideal solution in good-for-you formulas!  I've been using the Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Solutions Kit both morning and night and it's a breeze.  I start off with a clean face and apply one pump of the Booster Serum.  It's a silky gel formula that easily glides over the skin and absorbs quickly.  It helps improve skin's tone, hydrates, and prepares skin to absorb the antioxidants in the moisturizer, which is our next step.

The moisturizer is a rich, soothing formula that is suitable for both day and night.  It doesn't take much to hydrate the skin with this formula!  I gently tap my finger in the product and get more than enough for both my face and neck.  I love the light, refreshing scent of this moisturizer too.  It's not over-powering and doesn't linger throughout the day.  As with the serum in this kit, the moisturizer contains jojoba and shea for effective, but not greasy, hydration and nourishment.

The eye treatment in this kit is quite possibly one of the best and most effective under-eye products I've used.  My under-eye area is noticeably firmer after using this product.  It gives a freshness to this otherwise dark, tired looking area which we can all use especially this time of year.  You can wear this eye treatment under makeup and it's completely undetectable.  So it's great for use at night while you sleep, and during the day so it can combat dark circles and fine lines all day long.  It has a convenient applicator to smooth out product or you can use your finger to tap the product gently under the eye.  Either way, I've found only half a pump is all I need for each application.

juice beauty stem cellular eye mask - the beauty puff

At the end of the day, or whenever your under-eye area needs some extra TLC, the Instant Eye Lift Algae Masks are a luxurious treat.  You read right, algae!  The eye masks themselves are made of pressed algae as opposed to cotton, which can be exposed to all sorts of chemicals before it's made into one of the face masks that are growing in popularity every day.  I never would have thought of that, but Juice Beauty has created these products start to finish with health and safety in mind.

juice beauty stem cellular eye mask - the beauty puff

Using these eye  masks is incredibly simple.  Simply take out one mask and one Activator capsule, peel away the foil protector from the mask tray, then pour the Activator over the mask to completely saturate.  Apply to clean, dry skin and wait 3-10 minutes.  The algae itself contains antioxidants and nutrients which are triggered once you pour on the Activator.  You get the soothing effect of organic cucumber and white tea while the algae and aloe refresh and moisturize skin.  These masks are very calming and I save them as a treat for myself to give my skincare routine a boost.  Friday night facial anyone?

Juice Beauty products are free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates, artificial dyes & fragrances and are cruelty free!  To check out these, and more skincare products from Juice Beauty, visit their website at:

Juice Beauty has a lot of exciting things planned for 2016.  They just released their Phyto-Pigments line - a collection of cosmetics made with certified organic ingredients.  Can't wait to check it out?  Click here for all the Juicy details!

Happy shopping!

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