Friday, December 4, 2015

The Pure Puff ft. Palma Beauty

If you show me a lineup of lipsticks, I will pick a nude or light pink hands down.  It's just what suits me, my taste and my everyday style the best.  It's typically low-maintenance, versatile, and I can throw a gloss over top if I want to dress it up a bit.  So what are my current light lip loves?

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palma beauty - the beauty puff

Palma Beauty's lipsticks in First Kiss (left) and Silk Lace (right).  These lipsticks are vegan, cruelty free, and light as air on the lips.  Let's indulge.

palma beauty silk lace - the beauty puff

First off, I love the simple packaging of these lipsticks.  You don't need to get all fancy to draw me in.  If you have a nice, quality product, it will speak for itself.  Most often, less is more!  The first shade that caught my eye in the collection is Silk Lace - the perfect everyday nude shade.  It pairs beautifully with vibrant or neutral looks and lends itself to a multitude of glosses if I want to dress it up a bit.  It's one of those colors you can leave in your purse and you'll think "Oh phew!  This goes perfectly with my look!"  We all need shades like that!  It's also a great shade to travel with if you want to bring just one lipstick (some of you must think that's a sin...).  I like to travel light, so this is perfect.

palma beauty first kiss - the beauty puff

First Kiss is a feminine, fresh light pink.  This is a gorgeous shade with cool toned eye looks.  My favorite is a gray smoky eye.  In the winter I really gravitate toward gray/silver on the lid and this lipstick pairs perfectly with either one.  This is also a shade that will come in handy in the spring and summer so it's very versatile.  When I saw this shade there was something very nostalgic about it for me.  There are some shades of pink that remind me of my youth and just put a smile on my face and this is definitely one of them!

palma beauty swatches - the beauty puff
Left- Silk Lace  Right - First Kiss

Both of these lipsticks are very lightweight and comfortable on the lips.  Because they are semi-matte, I would suggest exfoliating your lips and applying a lip balm before you wear them.  That's pretty standard for me unless I am wearing a gloss.  I want to be able to wear different finishes on my lips, but also want my lips to stay hydrated.  Thankfully, Palma Beauty's lipsticks not only look beautiful, but also contain natural ingredients to hydrate and nourish.  They have cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E - all things that our skin can benefit from this time of year!  As a little bonus, they have a light fruity smell that is really sweet and refreshing.  There's actually stevia mixed into the coconut oil to give them sweetness.  I thought that was pretty unique!

If you're interested in more vibrant shades, Palma Beauty has an array of beautiful colors to suit almost any taste.  You can see the entire collection at:

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Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff 

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