Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jingle Belles ft. Bella and Bear

As any makeup lover will tell you, you can never have too many makeup brushes!  Whether you know someone just starting out with makeup or someone who has an extensive collection, a makeup brush set is a useful and thoughtful gift.  Bella and Bear's Cat Eyes Brush Set comes with everything you need to complete an eye look from start to finish.

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bella and bear - the beauty puff

This set comes packaged in a gift box that can be saved for storage or put out on display.  Each brush is tucked in its own section, protected by foam.  I did notice the foam had a rather strong smell, so I would suggest, as with any brushes, to wash them before use.  Also, keep in mind that some of these brushes are made from goat hair, in case you are looking for a strictly synthetic makeup brush set.  Let's take a closer look at the brushes.

bella and bear cats eyes brush set - the beauty puff
Left to Right: Pampas Cat, Black Footed Cat, Iromote, Leopard Cat, Iberian Lynx

Pampas Cat

This brush is ideal for blending.  Due to its cut, I would not apply dark shades with this brush because you won't have much control over where the color goes.  You could use it for a sheer wash of color on the lid, but I personally use it simply for blending.  I keep this brush free of product to blend and soften what I have already applied on my eyes.

Black Footed Cat

This angled brush is one of my favorite brushes in the set.  It's dense enough for precise application in the outer corner and crease but also soft for blending.  It is a great brush for an all over lid color or brow highlight as well.  Definitely my go-to brush!


This brush is a must-have cut for any makeup lover.  It's great for packing on color to the entire lid.  In a pinch, it could also be used as a concealer brush.  I also use the tip of this brush to smudge shadow on the lower lashline when I'm in a rush.  This is definitely one of the softer brushes in the set so I really like this one!

Leopard Cat

This pencil brush is great at picking up product and smudging for an effortless smokey look.  It is not the softest pencil brush I've used, so it takes some getting used to.  Overall it works well for a basic smudger brush when you want a softer, more diffused look.

Iberian Lynx

This dual ended brush has a spoolie and angled liner brush.  The spoolie is great for grooming brows and the angled liner side can be used to apply brow powder or liner to the eyes.  This is one of those brushes I always find useful so I think it was a great addition in this set.

bella and bear - the beauty puff

The box this set comes in is so cute!  It's a beautiful presentation for a gift any time of year.  You can find this, and many other products by Bella and Bear on Amazon!

Happy holidays!

The Beauty Puff

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