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The Pure Puff ft. BelloCrate

I am no expert when it comes to natural beauty products.  However, I love learning and discovering new things and sharing my great finds along the way.  I recently discovered BelloCrate, a family-run natural beauty subscription box company.  Not only will you be introduced to new natural beauty products, but when you subscribe, you'll get a handwritten note for a personal touch.  I think little details like this are fabulous and I love interacting with companies that care so much about their customers!  Let's get a closer look what BelloCrate has put together this month!

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bellocrate - the beauty puff

When you first open your BelloCrate Box, there are individual descriptions of each product so you know exactly what you are getting.  I love not having to hunt for ingredient lists and other details about products I'm unfamiliar with.  They really put in the extra effort to introduce you to the products!

People Towels Organic Reusable Hand Towel ($3.99)

The first thing I saw that struck me was a really cool reusable towel by People Towels.  Most of you might not find this exciting, but ever since I had my daughter I have become more conscious of the products we use and how to find more cost-effective options.  This towel is 100% organic cotton and is incredibly soft.  This material will soften even more after being washed and is perfect to throw in a purse (or in my case diaper bag) for on-the-go.

Mun Anarose Rejuvinating Rose Toner - 2 sample packs

The first thing I tried from this box was this beautiful rose toner.  It felt really gentle and refreshing on my sensitive skin.  Included are two individual use packets, each with more than enough to saturate a cotton round.  This toner has rose water, hyaluronic acid, and rose, jasmine and daisy flower extract.  It softens, refreshes, and hydrates with 100% natural and over 90% organically derived ingredients.  The full size product is quite expensive, at $68, so I will savor my second sample!!

Renaissance Beauty Blemish Therapy Cleanser ($7.50)

I am all about natural products to help control blemishes.  This cleanser has fruit ingredients I never would have thought of to combat skin impurities.  It contains organic cherry and coconut oil and enzymes from papaya and pineapple.  The enzymes break down a layer of skin to clear pores.  Another ingredient I saw, that I am familiar with, is organic raw honey.  I have a serum that contains honey and my skin responds very well to it so I'm really excited about this cleanser!!

Renaissance Beauty Magick Dragon Balm (~$5)

I love multi-purpose products!  This balm contains olive oil, beeswax, and all sorts of essential oils to hydrate, nourish and heal skin quickly.  I was really surprised because this balm melts the instant you touch it!  I immediately applied it to my cuticles because they are already becoming dry as the temperature drops and we get further into fall.  This balm can also be used on dry patches and wounds but I think I will continue using it as a cuticle balm for intense hydration!

Andalou Naturals Perfecting Cream (sample packets)

Age defying products tend to have all sorts of ingredients I can't pronounce and probably shouldn't put on my skin.  This night repair cream by Andalou contains aloe, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, vitamin C and mango butter!  Yes, the mango butter stood out to me yet again.  Although two packets is not enough to give you a report on long-term effects, I can tell you this cream is incredibly hydrating, smooth, fast-absorbing, and smells absolutely amazing.  I would definitely look into more from this brand!

TikiBar Lavender Essential Oil Soap ($6)

Who doesn't love scented soaps??  What's even better is that this soap is made from natural ingredients and scented with lavender essential oil.  For hydration, this soap has a beautiful mixture of soothing coconut, olive and shea oil.  You also get the benefit of exfoliation from jojoba beads.  I was surprised to read that this soap can also be used on your hair, along with your body and face as I intend to use it.  You learn something new every day!

BelloCrate is $20.99/mo with options for a three or six month subscription plan which save you a bit each month.

Use code beautypuff for 50% off your first box!!  Subscribe below!


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