Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jingle Belles ft. BabeBoxx November 2015

What do you give the green beauty lover on your list this holiday season?  There are countless natural, organic and chemical-free products out there, but how do you choose?  BabeBoxx can do all the work for you!  You can gift a BabeBoxx, which is one delivery and does not auto-renew, to surprise anyone on your list with beauty products that are one of a kind.

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babeboxx november 2015 - the beauty puff

Handmade, natural, and good for you products can be hard to select individually.  BabeBoxx finds those unique items you're sure to fall in love with and can help introduce you, and those on your gift list, to things you might not have looked for yourself.  Let's take a closer look at the items in this month's box!

purabela - the beauty puff

PuraBella Creme Deodorant - $12

Well this is definitely something I wouldn't have sought out on my own!  This unique deodorant is a cream that comes with its own scoop within the jar, to keep the contents clean and easy to use.  You simply take about a nickel size amount of the product, warm between your fingers, and apply to your clean under arms.  I have to admit, I don't focus on my underarms when it comes to skincare.  The fact is, this area is sensitive and can use some special attention.  This deodorant has coconut oil and vitamin E so skin stays hydrated and smooth.  I found this deodorant to be really soothing and nice to apply.  It wasn't greasy and it absorbed really nicely into the skin.  I'll definitely be using this more to see how my skin improves!

gourmet body treats - the beauty puff

Gourmet Body Treats Eye Cream - $18

As the dry air settles in, I am going to do everything in my power this season to keep my skin hydrated and comfortable.  One of the areas that gets particularly dry and sensitive, is under my eyes.  The formula of this product is more like a balm that melts to the touch and glides over the skin for oh-so-easy application.  It feels very smooth and rich.  This cream has organic plant extracts as well as cocoa butter to keep the undereye area nourished and hydrated.  It will definitely become a staple in my nighttime skincare routine!

bird and 98th - the beauty puff

Bird and 98th Honey and Rose Facial Grains - $19

If you are no stranger to The Beauty Puff, you know I love me some scrubs!  This scrub is dry and you simply add a bit of water to get just the right consistency.  You probably don't want to attempt this in your hand, so just grab a small dip bowl to stir the mixture.  (I got mine at Target, you can find some really cute patterns there!)  This scrub has oats, rose petals, and even powdered honey.  It has a light scent of rose which is really nice.  I'm excited for this product because I really enjoy mixing scrubs and masks.  It's the little things, right?

robbins essentials - the beauty puff

Robbin's Essentials Sicilian Sweet Cream Lotion - $4.25

Oh BabeBoxx, you always introduce me to the BEST things.  Imagine the most scrumptious scent of warm cinnamon, sweet brown sugar and ooey gooey icing and pack that into a little bottle of hydration you can wear whenever you like.  That is this lotion.  I wish I could eat whatever inspired this scent!  This little gem has cocoa seed butter, shea butter, avacado oil, and even powdered goats milk that is made by Robbins' Essentials.  It's a whole lot of good stuff for your skin and your senses!  Other scents include Blackberry Brulee, Brown Sugar Pumpkin, and Chocolate Almond.  Yum.

Each month I have discovered new, exciting products thanks to BabeBoxx.  If you know someone who loves natural beauty products and loves discovering hidden gems, I highly recommend gifting them a BabeBoxx this season.  Whether for the upcoming holidays or any other time of year, you can never go wrong with a BabeBoxx!  Boxes are $24.99 and ship free in the US.  Find our more on their website at:

Happy Holidays!

The Beauty Puff

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