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Jingle Belles - Beauty Box 5 November 2015

The holidays are a time to celebrate and be with family.  I love making memories and enjoying all the scents, sounds and traditions that come along with this time of year.  Let's face it though, not everything is "warm and fuzzy" when it comes to the holidays.  There's also an abundance of things to do, not the least of which is getting thoughtful gifts for those you love.  If you happen to have a beauty lover on your list, Beauty Box 5 makes gift-giving incredibly simple!  You can gift a three, six, or twelve month subscription while saving money and eliminating all the lines at the mall.  Got your attention?  Great!  Let's take a look at this month's selection so you can get an idea of what Beauty Box 5 is all about!

-pr sample-
beauty box 5 november 2015 - the beauty puff

LA Fresh Eco-Beauty Good Day Moisturizer - ~$12

I am familiar with LA Fresh's Eco line, filled with convenient wipes to cleanse and even remove nail polish.  I've never tried their moisturizer though!  This moisturizer has hyaluronic acid, vitamins and an anti-aging complex to keep your skin hydrated, protected and supple.  It smells like cucumber, absorbs quickly and feels really comfortable on the skin, with no greasy residue.  I love the packaging this came in because it's very travel-friendly, just in time for visiting family for the holidays!

Kaunis Facial Mask - $14.95

I don't think I've ever gotten such a fancy face mask before!  This anti-aging mask has some pretty unique ingredients.  It has deep ocean water which helps skin absorb nutrients and balance oil production.  This mask also helps to heal, protect and firm skin.  I am going to save this beauty for one of those cold winter days when all I want to do is snuggle up, watch Netflix and feel pampered!

Altchek MD Eye Gel Pads (set of 2) - $4

I'm in for some long, stressful, and tiring days over the next couple months, so the eye circles will be in full force.  These gel pads will help soothe, hydrate and freshen the sensitive under eye area in about 30 minutes.  They're in convenient packets so if you need a little TLC during those family visits over the holidays, you can just throw them in your bag and you're good to go!

Moodmatcher Luxe Twist Stick - $8

I was most intrigued by this item, I have to say.  What appears to be a neon green lip crayon, applies a vivid, bright pink on my skin.  Colors this month I believe would be coral, pink or red, depending on which was included in your box.  This product applies like a moisturizing balm, but lasts like a stain.  Even on my hand after I swatched it, this thing would not budge for about 48 hours until I scrubbed it off.  Keep in mind it will wear differently on your lips, but the staying power is quite impressive!!

beauty box 5 november 2015 - the beauty puff
Left- Twist Stick  Right - Lip & Cheek Color

The All Natural Face Lip & Cheek Color - $5.75

This cream product is a great multi-tasker that can provide color to the lips or cheeks.  The formula is really smooth, without feeling greasy and the pigmentation is great, as you can see in the swatch above.  Also, this product is vegan and all-natural.  I'm always excited to discover natural brands!  I also like how portable this little compact is - perfect for throwing in a makeup bag to save space if you are traveling.

Total value = ~$44

Whether you need to check a few names off your list, or simply want to treat yourself, Beauty Box 5 is a great choice for any beauty lover.  Each box comes with five beauty samples, including some full size products, which are noted on the enclosed product description card.  Monthly subscriptions are $12/month or you can choose from quarterly or yearly subscriptions at a discounted price.  To gift a subscription, simply click here to see the different options that best suit those on your list!  Want to read more about what Beauty Box 5 has to offer and check out their online shop?  Visit:


Happy Holidays!

The Beauty Puff

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