Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Series ft. Tula

A good skincare regimen can work wonders and really improve the performance of makeup on your skin.  The cold months can be particularly harsh on skin so it's important to keep up with good skincare both morning and night.  Lately, I have been loving Tula's Illuminating Face Serum and Day and Night Cream to give my skin nourishment throughout the day and of course, while I sleep!

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What makes Tula different?  Tula uses probiotic technology to strengthen skin and help protect it against conditions that affect skin on a daily basis - pollution, sun damage, and of course, aging.  Probiotics not only help the body on the inside, but the outside as well!  With a combination of probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins, Tula's products deliver the nourishment skin needs to stay clear, calm, and hydrated.

In the morning, after I have washed my face, I apply about one pump of the Probiotic Illuminating Face Serum.  It absorbs quickly and wears beautifully under whatever makeup I put on for the day.  Not only does this serum hydrate, it promotes a healthy glow with citrus extracts and pearlescent pigments.  We all could use a little glow with the onset of cold, dry air this time of year!  This serum can be used both morning and night for ultimate results and is great even for sensitive skin.  I love the light, fresh scent of this serum too, it's nice to wake up to in the morning.

For a dose of comforting moisture, the Hydrating Day and Night Cream has worked wonders on my skin.  This light-weight cream provides instant relief of dryness and keeps my skin quenched throughout the day.  Along with providing hydration, this cream helps improve skin's tone and firmness.  It is suitable for morning and evening, without leaving any residue on the skin.  When I apply this cream in the morning, I apply it after the Illuminating Face Serum has completely absorbed.  I then continue with my routine as usual with a fresh, smooth surface for my makeup.  I've also been using this cream at night, after I cleanse and tone my skin.  It's very calming at the end of the day and makes my skin incredibly soft.  My skin is very sensitive and I find both of these products to be very nourishing and soothing, no matter what time of day I use them!

Tula offers an entire line of products to prepare your skin for winter and keep it healthy and smooth all season long!  They have a cleanser, scrub, mask eye cream, and even a neck cream.  To read more about these products and learn more about Tula, visit their website at:

The Beauty Puff

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