Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bezel Box

If you are an avid collector of jewelry and love the element of surprise, then you will love Bezel Box.  Bezel Box is a jewelry subscription box that gives you three style options which include 4-5 pieces of jewelry, or you can choose the mini box which includes two pieces.  You can get a variety of combinations with this option with pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.  The box I will feature today has a necklace and earrings.  Let's take a look!

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bezel box - the beauty puff

On the Bezel Box website, it describes the mini box as having "two high fashion pieces" for those that like discovering new trends.  If you are not the adventurous type with your jewelry - this may not be the box for you.  The other styles for the larger boxes are Boho, Cosmo and Icon.  The Boho style has intricate detail and vibrant colors.  The Cosmo style has a more modern feel with beautiful settings to accompany a variety of looks.  The Icon style has the most adventurous detailing with modern colors, unique combinations and true statement pieces to stand out in your collection.

bezel box - the beauty puff
The pieces that come included in your Bezel Box can be worn together or separately of course.  In looking at the website there are a lot of statement pieces that would coordinate well with simple, classic jewelry so they don't compete with each other.  It's all personal taste, but they definitely have some unique color combinations.  The pieces that came in my mini box weren't so much unique color combinations as they were different textures and materials.

bezel box - the beauty puff
The Knotted Navy Bib

The necklace has a gold chain with navy stones, topped with beads, and a navy rope alongside them.  It is not something I would have picked up at a store on my own, but I suppose that is the point of discovering new things through a jewelry subscription box!

bezel box - the beauty puff
The Midnight Studs

The earrings on the other hand are very classic - a deep navy stone in a gold (color) setting.  Keep in mind these pieces do not feature real stones or expensive metals - they are fairly lightweight as well.  My clothing style pretty classic and simple, so pairing something a bit more "adventurous" with my wardrobe might be a bit easier than if you always wear vibrant prints etc.  If you are unsure which style suits you, be sure to check out the example photos shown with each different box on their website!

bezel box - the beauty puff

If you are looking for new, unexpected combinations to add to your jewelry collection, you'll really enjoy Bezel Box.  I love the element of surprise and stepping out of my comfort zone with subscription boxes.  You might find something you fall in love with!

Bezel Box offers one, three, six or 12 month subscriptions.  The larger boxes with 4-5 pieces of jewelry are $35 and the mini box is $19.97.  Both boxes ship for free in the US.  Each month you earn points that can be used toward purchases from their online store.  If you'd like to surprise someone for the holidays, you can also gift a box!  For more information and to subscribe to Bezel Box, visit:

Be sure to follow @bezelbox on social media as well!

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