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The Pure Puff ft. PureBox

When it comes to the world of beauty boxes, I am no stranger.  I love the variety and discovery of new brands and products that have the potential to become new favorites!  Sometimes, you may want more than just a little taste of what a brand has to offer.  PureBox offers a selection of products each month from two brands... giving you more to experience from featured brands they love!  Each box contains one or two full size products alongside four or more deluxe samples.  By featuring only two brands, you get a broader scope of what the brand has to offer and how their products work for you.  This month, PureBox introduces us to Zabana Essentials and Biodara.

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zabana essentials - the beauty puff

Zabana Essentials

Armpit Detox Bar (sample)

I can honestly say I've never heard of a special soap just for armpits... maybe that's just me!  The idea makes sense I suppose.  This bar cleanses, detoxifies and unclogs the under arm area.  Something we could all use every once and a while!  The formula is like a traditional soap and lathers with water.  You simply apply the lather to the under arms and let it sit for a few minutes.  It feels really cooling and didn't irritate my skin at all.  If you don't think the lather will stay put while in the shower, I'm sure you can just use it out of the shower as well.

Natural Deodorant Stick ($10.95)

Well this is definitely something we all need.  This deodorant has the fresh scent of lemongrass.  It's not a typical smell I'd go for in terms of deodorant, but I've come to find out natural deodorants have a whole variety of new, interesting scents.  So what helps this deodorant work?  It contains plant botanicals and a blend of minerals to absorb odor.  One thing I noticed with this deodorant is that the smell is definitely noticeable while wearing it.  Some scents dissipate under the arms but this one I definitely notice.  If you go for this product, just make sure you love the scent!

Fizzy Bath Bomb ($4.95) & Mineral Bath Soak (~$3)

These two products are for the days you have time to enjoy a soothing, comforting bath.  I rarely have a day like this, as I am in the beginning stages of moving.  But once it's all over, you can bet I will be enjoying these beauties.  I've seen bath bombs all over the place but have never tried this type of product.  This particular one is natural, vegan and infused with essential oils.  Best of all, it smells like rose.  I'm so looking forward to enjoying it!!  The Mineral Bath Soak is a similar concept, except you use one cup of product and distribute them evenly in the bath.  This item also features essential oils to help calm and soothe at the end of a long day.

biodara - the beauty puff


Biodara Traveler Set ($32)

Biodara is a skincare brand that features natural, organic and non-GMO ingredients.  I was so surprised to see such a beautiful set from this brand included in this month's box!  This gorgeous set came in a drawstring bag, packed beautifully with a muslin cloth tied in a bow.  Talk about presentation!  This traveler set comes with a cleansing oil and mist, both 1oz in size.  The cleansing oil has a convenient pump for mess-free dispensing.  At the moment my counter space is about zero, and the chances of things spilling are high, so I appreciate little touches like this!  With just a couple pumps of this oil, rubbed in circular motions, you get a calming, nourishing cleansing experience with the benefit of organic oils such as sunflower, pumpkin and lavender.  This oil, needless to say, smells amazing.  While I really enjoy using facial oils, they can be a bit of a pain to completely rinse off.  The muslin cloth included helped to remove excess oil and lightly exfoliate my skin so it was ready for the refreshing mist.

The Immortal Mist needs to be shaken before use and takes just a few sprays to give your skin a refreshing boost any time of day.  I used this after removing my makeup and also during my morning cleansing routine to perk up my skin and help wake me up with its fresh scent.  It smells of grapefruit and roses - a burst of citrus with a floral finish, really quite nice.  I enjoy products like this so I can freshen my skin without touching it and transferring germs/bacteria during the day.  As we get closer to winter, my skin becomes dry, tight and sometimes quite uncomfortable.  If I want a quick spritz of hydration, this is just the kind of product I will reach for!

Talk about selection.  I really enjoyed being introduced to these brands.  The product sizes are amazing too so you can really get a sense of what works for you and what you'd like to explore further.

PureBox gets delivered monthly for $39.99 with free shipping in the U.S.  Ready to delve into green beauty and get pampered each month?

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