Monday, October 5, 2015

The Pure Puff ft. Jacq's Organics

Two of the summer's top sellers from Jacq's Organics were their Sweet Orange Face Toner and Cleansing Bar.  While the fresh, invigorating scent of orange may commonly be associated with the warmer days of summer, I am enjoying them even now as the cool wind of fall blows in.  Afterall, we can all use a burst of freshness to perk up as the days get colder and shorter.

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A bar of soap may not seem exciting to you, but I was pleasantly surprised when I first used this Sweet Orange soap.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it moisturizes with natural oils and exfoliates with ground annatto seeds.  I was unfamiliar with this type of seed, so I looked it up and found that they are often used in cooking and can also provide beautiful, natural orange color to things like soap!  These seeds are finely ground to exfoliate gently so you are left with incredibly smooth skin.  It's not so gentle that you can't feel the exfoliation, but it's by no means scratchy.  I found it to be really energizing in the morning to really "get the blood flowing" so to speak.

In addition to the annatto seeds, this soap has organic coconut oil, aloe, shea butter, almond oil and orange oil.  There are a number of benefits to all these organic ingredients such as improving your complexion, evening tone/reducing discoloration, and soothing your skin.  I think this soap is perfect for the cooler months because you are getting the benefit if nourished skin and resurfacing to reveal smooth, hydrated skin.

Face Toner

What may seem like an unnecessary step to some, is a good toner for your skincare routine.  I have been using toners for years and don't go a day without using one.  With the countless toners I have tried, I've never used one that was really hydrating like this Sweet Orange toner from Jacq's Organics.  When I first saw this toner, I noticed a bit of oil separation in the bottle which intrigued me so I immediately read the ingredient list.  Orange water, sweet almond oil, orange oil, vitamin E... sounds amazing to me!

At first use, you automatically notice the refreshing orange scent.  The spray bottle not only allows for easy dispensing/traveling, but also fills the air with its amazing scent.  Once you've saturated a cotton pad with enough product, it literally glides over the skin.   The formula feels nice and calming, while the scent is refreshing and energizing.  The natural oils in the toner gently cleanse and hydrate all in one step.  I have oily skin and I can tell you there is absolutely no residue after using this toner.  It easily removes any excess makeup and dirt from the skin.  Some toners, particularly those with a lot of alcohol, used to make my skin feel tight, uncomfortable, and stripped of natural moisture.  That is not the case with this toner - skin is left feeling soft, supple and refreshed.

From soaps to cleansers to serums, Jacq's Organics has a product to suit any need for any skin type.  I also have their Green Smoothie Face Masque/Scrub and I absolutely love it!  These two new additions are no different.  I enjoy using them every day!

Be sure to check out their entire line of products at:

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