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Tempting Treats ft. Hammock Pack September

There's nothing like the feeling of being on vacation and finding indulgent treats and products you'd never find in your own neighborhood.  From delicious desserts to pampering skincare, there are certain things that just make us feel spoiled on vacation.  That is the feeling I got when I received my September Hammock Pack.  What is a Hammock Pack?  It is a curated selection of products from a different city each month, designed to give you a peek into the little nuances that make that city unique.  September's Hammock Pack brought us to the city of Philadelphia.  Let's have a look!

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hammock pack september 2015 - the beauty puff

Stroopies ($2.50)

The first thing that struck me was the beautiful and careful packaging of this box.  Everything was wrapped so nicely and literally not a crumb was broken off the delicious cookies!  Let's start there, since my mouth is already watering.  These cookies are actually two wafer-thin waffles filled with homemade caramel sauce in between.  We've all seen those "serving suggestions" on the packages of our food.  Well, the serving suggestion for these treats is to have them with a hot beverage, even putting them on top of your cup to warm them ever so slightly.  Well, I can honestly say I could not wait long enough to make a hot beverage to enjoy these cookies!  I did, however, take their other suggestion and shared them with someone I love, my husband.  What a treat.

Girls Can Tell Gift Co. Tea Towel ($16)

Since we're already thinking about food, let's move on to the next item you might find in your kitchen - a beautifully designed tea towel by Girls Can Tell Gift Co.  I'll let you in on a little secret, I have a bit of an obsession with decorative towels.  Different towels for different rooms, seasons, holidays.. you name it.  It's my way of adding more personality to my bathrooms and kitchen.  This particular towel is inspired by the Philadelphia classic soft pretzel.  I have a feeling if I lived there, I would be eating these all the time.  Just looking at this towel made me want soft pretzels!  If only they included one of those in this Hammock Pack... wishful thinking!  The designs on these towels are all original illustrations done by the brand's creator, Sara Selepouchin.  The brand features totes, towels, napkins, and even notebooks, that all feature her whimsical illustrations.

hammock pack september 2015 - the beauty puff

Hand in Hand Rose Water Lip Balm ($8)

I recently featured one of Hand In Hand's candles in a previous post so I was really excited to receive another one of their products.  Hand in Hand makes donations for each item that is sold.  In this case, a bar of soap and one month of clean water is donated to a child for each lip balm they sell.  I think this was a fantastic brand to feature in this box.  Even if I had been traveling on my own, I may never have known about Hand in Hand or where they originated.  They make beautiful products and this lip balm smells incredible.   It is a sweet floral scent, featuring rose, mint, sandalwood and stevia.  The sturdy tin has a screw-on top and is perfect for in your purse or simply on your nightstand.

Candelles Vanilla Maple Soy Candle ($7.50)

This is by far my favorite item included in this month's Hammock Pack!  This scent is so rich, I wish I could eat whatever inspired it.  I never would have thought of vanilla maple on my own, but it smells almost like a salted caramel.  It has a distinct sweetness but with that irresistible saltiness to balance it out.  Having never experienced vanilla and maple together before this, that's my best comparison!  However you describe this candle, my mouth literally waters each time I smell it.  I suppose Hammock Pack must have known I have an obsession with scented candles as well.  This candle knocks all the others I have out of the park.  Well done, Hammock Pack!

Talk about some tempting treats.  This month's Philadelphia Getaway certainly exposed me to some great brands, taught me a little about the city, and provided some really great products I will definitely be enjoying this fall and beyond.  This subscription box is a fabulous idea for a gift.  You can gift one for Christmas, a birthday, Mother's day or just get it for yourself to enjoy each month.  With Hammock Pack, you're definitely in for a treat!

Hammock Packs are $32/mo with free shipping to the U.S.
To subscribe, visit:

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