Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stilazzi Pearl Eye Shadow Collection

I don't have too many brands that qualify for a "collection" post, but Stilazzi is definitely one of them!  This is just going to be a super quick post to show you my pearl eye shadow collection (they also have mattes - yes I have a collection of those too!) along with swatches and how I store them.  Stilazzi shadows are much larger than Makeup Geek shadows, for those of you who are familiar with both.  As reference MG shadows are 1.8 grams & Stilazzi shadows are 3.5 grams.  This is not a review or comparison of the products (though I love both) but this just to give some perspective when you see them in the "palette" I have.  Now, on with the shadows!

stilazzi shadows - the beauty puff
From top clockwise: PS26, PS29, PS31, PS37

stilazzi swatches - the beauty puff
Left to right: PS26, PS29, PS31, PS37

The above four shadows are my current favorites for fall.  PS37 is my newest addition and I waited until I had this last shadow to complete my palette before doing this post.

stilazzi shadows - the beauty puff
Top to bottom, left to right: PS27, PS12, PS03, PS34, PS44

stilazzi swatches - the beauty puff
Left to right: PS27, PS12, PS03, PS34, PS44

Not a bad one in the bunch!  Some of them can look a bit deceiving in the pan (ex. PS44) and you wouldn't know certain shades are duochrome simply by seeing them online.  That is the one "issue" I have when purchasing these shadows.  I get these beauties from www.frendsbeauty.com (no, not an affiliate, I just love them!).  But the images online are not really accurate to the exact colors, so with some shades it's been a bit of a surprise as to what they will look like.  Hopefully these photos/swatches helped if you've been wanting to check out this brand!

Now, how do you store these shadows that are larger than typical pans?  Yes, you could get a Z-palette.  But considering these shadows are SO affordable ($3.50 or less if you have pro pricing), I wanted to find something equally affordable to store them in.  So, I found this little beauty on Amazon:

artbin - the beauty puff

This ArtBin is meant to hold needles or other metal sewing accessories safely, as the bottom is lined with a magnet.  Now it's not the nice backing of a Z-palette, but for a durable palette I really like it.  I chose to get a few so I could separate my Stilazzi pearl shadows, matte shadows and blushes.  It's all personal preference... but if you're interested in getting this sort of thing to save some money, here is the link: Amazon ArtBin Sew-lutions.  All I did was search for the product and that was the first listing to come up.  Sometimes there is a Prime listing, sometimes the price goes up a bit, you know how Amazon can be.  You may also find it in your local craft stores.  I didn't see it in Michael's, but other stores may carry it.  

**Note - Stilazzi shadows need metal stickers applied to work with a magnetic palette.  When I have placed a larger order, they have come with them, but not always.  They can easily be found on Amazon or you can get these from Frend's Beauty. 

I hope you enjoyed this "super quick" post.  It's kind of like snooping in someone's makeup collection, which hey, who doesn't love that?!

If you get these shadows and post a photo on Instagram, be sure to tag me so I can see! (@thebeautypuff)

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