Friday, September 11, 2015

The Soap Market

I love scented soaps and body butters.  The Soap Market has such an amazing variety of scents I don't think I could choose just one.  They have fresh, sweet, and rich indulgent scents - something for everyone!  You can enjoy these scents in the form of lotions, body butters, soaps.. you name it.  Today I'll share two amazing scents of their soaps and a body butter.

-pr sample-
the soap market raspberry lemonade - the beauty puff

First, can we just admire how pretty these soaps are??  The marbling is almost too pretty to touch.  Once you smell it though, you'll want to dive right into these luxurious soaps.  They smell true to their name... an unmistakable cool raspberry lemonade and refreshing cucumber melon.  I never thought I would detect a true lemonade scent from a soap, but somehow they did it!

the soap market cucumber melon - the beauty puff

Each soap has a unique marbling that looks gorgeous whether you are giving them as a gift or keeping them out in your bathroom.  I've used mine in the shower for quite some time and it still looks gorgeous.  The formula of these vegan soaps is incredibly moisturizing.  They are feature organic coconut milk and natural, hydrating oils.  They even have mango butter... hello, favorite nourishing ingredient!  No matter what scent you choose these soaps feel smooth and hydrating on the skin - no residue whatsoever, just squeaky clean skin.  These are perfect to sooth your skin after a summer in the sun and for the approaching cooler months to keep your skin moisturized.

the soap market body butter - the beauty puff

As the "icing on the cake" The Soap Market also offers a variety of lotions and body butters in equally appealing scents.  I have the body butter in So Fresh - and there's no other name to describe this scent.  When I smell it I think of that irresistible aroma of fresh, clean clothes.  It's so comforting, I constantly smell my hands and arms after applying it!  Since it is a whipped formula it is very light on the skin and absorbs very easily.  It also feels very cooling on the skin which feels great if you've been out in the sun or just need a refreshing boost during the day.

Other scents in this line include Vanilla Amber (one of my favorite combinations!), Sweet Tangerine and Coco Mocha (yum!).  They all sound good enough to eat.  On top of these skincare items, they have nail care, a men's line and even candles to fill your home with their incredible fragrances.

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