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The Pure Puff ft. BabeBoxx September 2015

Last month's BabeBoxx blew me away with the incredible selection and value.  I was familiar with one of their featured brands last month, but this month they've introduced me to all new brands!  Not only that, they've included products with some of my favorite ingredients.  So let's take a look!

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babeboxx september 2015 - the beauty puff

KVoss Face Potion (full size $28)

This was a spoiler this month so I knew this little beauty was coming.  And I was SO excited to see that it has hyaluranoc acid as well as one of my favorites - mango butter!  I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but mango butter is amazing!  It's almost as if this little jar is packed with little super heroes for your skin.  It helps hydrate, protect, and restore skin and even reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with regular use.  Phew!  That's a lot packed into one magical face potion.  I can't wait to dig in!

Meraki Botanicals Rose Grapefruit Oil (sample size $10)

It took a while for me to understand the concept of using a facial oil when my skin seemed to have enough of its own.  I've started to learn more about the benefits of facial oils and now I love trying different kinds.  This cleansing oil can be used to remove makeup and rid the skin of dirt and excess oil.  That is precisely what my skin needs!  In addition to the cleansing benefits, this oil even treats acne and helps to fade scars.  This will definitely be helpful because I still have the occasional breakout even now that I am well past my teenage years.  I love trying products like this that provide a multitude of benefits for my oily skin.  As a bonus, the presentation of this product is particularly beautiful because it has dried flower petals within the oil - so pretty!

Box Naturals Luxe Lavender Towelettes ($8.99/box)

These handy towelettes are full of good-for-you ingredients with absolutely no parabens, dyes, petrochemicals, sulfates or synthetic ingredients.  They are gentle enough for sensitive skin and are great for on-the-go or daily refreshing.  With no "extra" ingredients, every item in the ingredient list serves a purpose.  Some of the ingredients include organic aloe, organic cucumber fruit extract and organic lavender essential oil.  They also come in a Rosewater variety which features organic rose geranium oil.  I love this type of product to throw in my purse or have with me while traveling.

Sarah Faith Organics Happy Scalp Revitalizing Growth Oil (full size $12.99)

A long name for a fantastic, multi-purpose product!  I have to be honest I wasn't quite sure how to use this hair oil because this type of product is new to me.  Do I put it on my hair when it's dry?  How long should it stay in?  I found this brand on Instagram, asked my questions and got my answers with some helpful tips too!  This oil can be used on wet or dry hair.  If you are using it prior to washing, apply a small amount (about a quarter size) while your hair is dry and you can leave it in for 20 minutes, or longer if desired.  You can even use it as an overnight treatment.  If you use it this way, applying to damp hair is best.  I'm excited to try this oil because I just dyed my hair and I'll be looking for products that provide a little more TLC!  As a side note - I also read the story behind this company and the inspiration behind its products.  It was a great message to instill confidence in our daughters and remind them that they are all beautiful, inside and out!  I love that BabeBoxx supports such great companies.

If you are looking for a beauty subscription featuring natural, organic, and good-for-you beauty products, you will love BabeBoxx.  Monthly subscriptions are $24.99.  If you follow BabeBoxx on Instagram (@babeboxx) you can get helpful tips and tricks for incorporating natural ingredients into your beauty routine, a sneak peek at an item in your next box, and even special discounts. Don't miss out on next month's box!  Sign up now at:

The Beauty Puff

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