Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fabulous in a Flash ft. Araza Beauty

When you have to get out the door with a little one in the morning, time is of the essence.  Getting ready while simultaneously watching your baby toddle around can be a handful!  It is during these times when I can truly test the ease of use and flexibility of products.  What can get the job done in the least amount of time and still have me looking, well, Fabulous in a Flash?  This morning (and many other mornings) it was all thanks to Araza Beauty.  The two products that helped me out the most were their Coconut Pressed Powder Foundation and eyeshadow in Rose Gold.

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When I have minimal time, I need to focus on what is most important in my beauty routine.  For me, that's a fresh, even complexion, and awake (looking) eyes.  I don't have time to fuss with multiple concealers or countless brushes.  I need products that make my "short list" for a fresh, put together look.  Araza Beauty's Coconut Pressed Powder Foundation gives my oily skin everything it needs for these type of mornings.  It gives me a gorgeous, natural finish while still covering redness and evening my skintone.  I am used to applying a bit of concealer before powder foundations, but I haven't needed any with this foundation.  I always have redness on my chin and a bit on my cheeks.  It was no match for this foundation, as one layer easily gave me an even complexion.  For some areas that tend to be a bit more stubborn, like around my nose, I simply used a stippling motion with a bit more product and the redness was gone in a flash.  Although this is not a liquid foundation, I have no other word to describe it, other than it seemed to "melt" into my skin.  It did not sit on top and appear a powdery or unnatural.  A simple buffing motion blended and blurred this powder into my skin, evening discoloration but still allowing for a fresh, natural look.

Not only does this foundation perform beautifully, but it is packed with skin-loving ingredients such as: organic coconut oil to moisturize, organic raspberry extract to tone, soothe and fight free radicals, silica to absorb oil  and reduce wrinkes and pores, and organic jojoba oil to treat skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

araza beauty rose gold - the beauty puff

When I look for eyeshadow singles, I look for something that is worth taking up the space.  I have palettes filled with beautiful colors, but if I seek out a single eyeshadow, there are certain things I tend to look for.  I want it to either be completely unique to my collection, something I would use on a daily basis, or suitable to wear all on its own.  Araza's Rose Gold fits each of these criteria!  As much as I love rose gold, a good shade is hard to find.  Many can lean too much toward red or gold, making them look very unattractive on me personally.  This rose gold by Araza has a beautiful balance of a light pink and subtle gold.  You can certainly compliment this shadow with others, but I have worn it on its own and I absolutely love it!  It provides enough brightness to the eye so that I never even reach for an inner corner highlight.  I also use a pencil brush to enhance the lower lashline and it works wonders to bring light and dimension to that area as well.  On mornings where I am in a rush, but still want to look awake and polished, this shadow helps me look like I spent much more time on my eyeshadow than I really did!

Like the Coconut Pressed Powder foundation, Araza's eyeshadows are packed with organic oils that provide benefits to the skin.  This is particularly important since the eye area is so delicate.  In addition to organic coconut oil, jojoba oil and raspberry extract, the eyeshadows have orange peel extract which is anti-microbial and helps protect skin.  Beautiful and beneficial!

I'm beyond impressed with the performance of Araza Beauty's products.  I tend to be hesitant of some products, particularly powder foundations, because I never know how they will "meld" with my skin.  Not only did I love how these products performed, but I didn't have the feeling of "I need to wash my face!" like I usually do at the end of the day.  My skin still felt fresh, my complexion was still even, and my eyeshadow still looked as vibrant as when first applied.  It's products like these that make me love doing my makeup.

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