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Beauty Bag ft. La Fresh

La Fresh offers an entire skincare line that focuses on clean, fresh skin that can be achieved with a simple wipe.  They offer everything from facial cleansing wipes to nail polish removing pads that are easy to use and gentle on skin.  Their Eco-Beauty line features natural ingredients infused into biodegradable and compostable wipes.  They are cruelty-free and eco-conscious starting in their production which utilizes renewable solar energy.  In this Beauty Bag post we will go over several variations within this line that are travel-friendly, easy to use, good for your skin and good for the environment!

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la fresh eco-beauty - the beauty puff

Instant Cooling Body Soother

These wipes have the most amazing smell. They instantly refresh with the cooling scent of peppermint.  This type of product is perfect for after a workout or a long day traveling.  If you are on the go during the day and need to refresh before an evening out - these wipes are perfect.  As with the other cleansing wipes in this line, they are a great size to cover a large area.  I would definitely throw these in my bag for day trips with my family.

Waterproof Makeup Remover

The Waterproof Makeup Remover wipes feature natural oils to gently and easily remove waterproof makeup.  Ingredients include: olive oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, Vitamin E and lavender.  I definitely noticed the scent of lavender with these wipes!  While these wipes did remove my waterproof makeup (specifically mascara) easily, I did notice a very slight residue from the natural oils on my skin.  You can either rinse your face with water or simply let the remaining oils soak in for added nourishment.  With the cooler/drier weather coming, these wipes will be perfect to add much needed moisture to my skin!

la fresh face cleanser - the beauty puff

Oil-Free Face Cleanser

The Oil-Free Face Cleanser wipes come in fragrance-free and refreshing scent varieties.  I have sensitive skin and was able to enjoy both of these wipes.  I loved the refreshing scent in particular.  Both of these wipes remove light makeup in a snap.  So if you aren't wearing waterproof makeup, these are all you need!  I had absolutely no problem getting all of my makeup off with the use of just one of these wipes.  I love that the size (5.75"x7.75") is more than generous to easily cover large areas.  You can even use both hands at once for more efficient makeup removal.  These wipes leave my skin squeaky clean and are super portable - love!

Nail Polish Remover Acetone-Free Pads

Next to the refreshing scent Oil-Free Cleansing wipes, these are definitely my favorite from the Eco-Beauty line!  I absolutely love the fresh, citrus scent of these pads.  One pad is all you need to remove all nail polish on your fingers - it's so convenient!  Beyond the easy polish removal, these pads also condition skin with aloe, glycerin, and vitamin E.  They feel absolutely amazing and do not irritate any dry skin or cuticles around my nails.  Also, my husband can tolerate being in the same room when I use them - bonus!!  Traveling with nail polish remover is not something I would have ever considered until I had these wipes.  I would feel confident bringing one of these with me on a trip if I ever wanted to change or refresh my polish.  No spills, no offensive odor, and fast, easy removal of all my nail polish!  This formula is perfect for the colder months to help nourish skin and not add to the soon-to-be dry skin most of us will have to deal with!  These are an absolute must-have!

La Fresh products are perfect to throw in your purse, pack for a trip, or just enjoy at home.  If you aren't sure which of these wipes you'd enjoy the most, La Fresh offers an Eco-Beauty Sample Kit so you can test them out for yourself!  The set includes a Waterproof Makeup Remover, Instant Body Soother, Oil Free Face Cleanser (refreshing scent), and a Nail Polish Remover pad.

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