Friday, August 21, 2015

Tempting Treats ft. Te-Embers Soy Candles

Scent is something that can change your mood instantly.  It can bring back sweet memories or have you looking forward to the refreshing change of seasons.  In my new Tempting Treats series, we'll look at everything from perfumes to candles that fill your senses and give a feeling of comfort, refreshment, and excitement.  In today's first entry I'm definitely expressing my excitement for fall with these soothing scents by Te-Embers.  Let's indulge!

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te-embers candles - the beauty puff

I love burning candles to create a comforting space and fall is my absolute favorite time of year for finding great scents!  I got a major head start this year because I've been craving cooler weather.  When I discovered Te-Embers and saw their selection of warm, inviting aromas, I was so excited!  They make soy candles in 8oz jars and also tea lights in corresponding scents.

te-embers big bad wolf - the beauty puff

The first candle I have is called Big Bad Wolf (the names are great too!).  This one is an earthy/woodsy smell which is perfect for fall.  It's a warm scent that reminds you of the woods, leaves, and the outdoors.  It's great for the cooler months in particular but you can enjoy it any time to give your home a more cozy feeling.  The wick on this candle is braided cotton - there was no abnormal fraying as the candle burned and trimming was a breeze.  You should always trim the wick of your candle (once cooled of course) to about 1/4".

teembers toasted mallows - the beauty puff

Close your eyes and just imagine yourself roasting a marshmallow over a hot crackling fire on a cool fall night.  When you open your eyes, it's just your Toasted 'Mallows candle burning in your living room!  This is a woodwick candle that crackles as it burns, adding to its charm.  The scent is a combination of a subtle marshmallow sweetness and a warm smokey wood.  It will have you craving s'mores in no time.  I love this scent!  It instantly warms up my living space.  I've never had a woodwick candle before but I love how it smells as soon as you light it.  This type of wick needs to be trimmed the same way a standard wick does - but use extra care, as the wood can be a little tricky to trim evenly.

These two candles are fall-inspired, but there are other scents that are cool and refreshing.  There's even a candle reminiscent of a Mint Mojito!  Te-Embers candles are phthalate free and are each wrapped in natural burlap bags so they make great gifts!  You can find all of their candles at:

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Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

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