Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Red Apple Lipstick

Red Apple Lipstick has an entire line of gorgeous lipstick and lip gloss shades ranging from nudes to vibrant reds.  They are all formulated without gluten, parabens and GMOs.  They are also vegan and cruelty free.  What also caught my eye with this brand was the vast array of nude shades.  If you want a nude that leans more brown or pink or peach, they have it.  From satin smooth finishes to formulas with brilliant sheen, there's a color for everyone in their line.  Today's feature is their New York lipstick and Tiny Dancer lip gloss.

-pr sample-
red apple lipstick - the beauty puff

Holy moisture, Batman.  These formulas are smooth, creamy and filled with skin-nourishing ingredients.  They both have shea butter and jojoba seed oil which provide intense moisture, making them ideal for the upcoming colder months!  From first swatch I could feel the "slip" in both these products.  They were so smooth, they almost felt like butter (but not greasy).  Both applied beautifully with no tugging or stickiness.

red apple lipstick new york - the beauty puff

New York is a stunning nude with a hint of pink.  It goes with everything - I love shades like this!  It is incredibly flattering (I have light skin with a slight warm undertone) and has a gorgeous sheen (no sparkle or glitter).  It's the perfect shade for fall to accompany deeper eye looks too.  I typically wear lighter lip shades, so in the fall I incorporate darker tones in my eye looks as opposed to lips.  With the added moisture in this lipstick, it's a great choice for the colder weather to nourish while still adding color.  You definitely don't need a gloss over this formula, but you could if you wanted to alter the color I suppose.  I think it's perfect all on its own.  The packaging is really nice and I love the texture on the outside of the tube, very unique.

red apple lipstick swatches - the beauty puff

Tiny Dancer is another beautiful nude shade that has enough pigmentation to be worn all on its own.  This makes it the perfect choice to throw in your purse - no other products needed!  It has a bit of a warm pink undertone and is great for multiple skintones.  This is another shade that would coordinate well with deeper looks for the cooler months.  The formula is SO smooth I can't stress that enough.  There is no tackiness or stickiness at all - it feels incredible.  It gives intense shine for an instant, polished look.

If there were ever two shades to encompass my style, it would be these products by Red Apple Lipstick.  Versatile, gorgeous shades that feel comfortable and provide enough pigmentation to be worn all by themselves.  I'm absolutely in love with them!

Have you tried anything by Red Apple Lipstick?  Share your favorite shades below!

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