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Honeybee Gardens Buzz Box August 2015

Honeybee Gardens has a beautiful range of cosmetics and body care made from natural ingredients.  I have their Cosmopolitan Eye Shadow Palette and absolutely love it!  So when I saw they were coming out with their Buzz Box - which includes 2 color cosmetics, a body care item, and a non-cosmetic product - I was really excited!  Boxes will be available every other month with no subscription required.  This month was their very first box and I'm thrilled to be able to share it with you!  Let's take a look!

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honeybee gardens buzz box - the beauty puff

Truly Natural Mascara in Espresso ($11.99)

Mascara is a fabulous item to include in beauty boxes (as I've stated many times over).  It's something that has a high turnover in a makeup collection because you shouldn't use it for more than a few months or so.  I love finding new mascaras, especially those that have a bristle brush like this mascara by Honeybee Gardens.  This brush gave my lashes volume and definition while still looking natural with no "spider" lashes whatsoever!  Application was a breeze with its narrow brush which was able to reach even the tiniest lashes.  This mascara is not waterproof which is fine by me.  It did not smudge and easily washed off at the end of the day without irritating my eyes.    As an added bonus, Truly Natural Mascara has avocado butter in it that conditions your lashes.  I also love the packaging on this mascara because you can see in to the product through the clear "window" in the tube.  It is very sleek and stylish!

  Luscious Lip Gloss in Hollywood ($11.99)

This is probably my favorite color lip gloss - a beautiful warm peachy pink that adds just the right amount of color and goes with a lot of looks.  This formula is smooth, not sticky and easily glides on to the lips.  It is incredibly moisturizing and comfortable to wear.  It is a thinner consistency but requires little product to thoroughly coat your lips with gorgeous color.  Some of the nourishing ingredients include cocoa butter, olive oil and vitamin E.  The lip glosses by Honeybee Gardens have the same style packaging as the mascara in that you can see the color from the side of the tube.  I love that - it makes it very easy to find which color you want to wear at a glance.

Orange Patchouli Clove Soap ($5.99)

This handcrafted soap features a luxurious mixture of eight butters and pure essential oils to fully nourish and moisturize your skin.  Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil are just some of the quality ingredients infused into these soaps.  They contain absolutely no artificial colors, petroleum, animal fat or preservatives.  These soaps would make a fabulous gift too.  The presentation is beautiful and they come in eight different scents including Peppermint Cinnamon Coffee and Vanilla Clove Orange Walnut.

Purple Quartz Necklace ($19.99)

This item was a complete surprise as it is the "Special Gift" which will be a non-cosmetic item in each Buzz Box.  This month it is a beautiful amethyst stone on a sterling silver chain.  I thought this was a beautiful addition to the box as it will suit a variety of styles.  I love classic jewelry like this because I have very simple taste when it comes to necklaces in particular.  I don't buy jewelry often so when I do, I get versatile pieces that can coordinate with a lot of looks.  This quartz necklace is just my style and the color is gorgeous.

As of right now, Buzz Boxes can be purchased individually with no subscription needed.  They are $20.99 with free shipping.  Each box will have a retail value of at least $50 so it's a great deal!  On top of that, you get a coupon to use on a future purchase.  A Buzz Box is not only something to treat yourself with, but it would make a fabulous gift to introduce someone you know to a natural, quality beauty company.  I have been impressed by everything I've tried from Honeybee Gardens so far, I highly recommend checking out their gorgeous products!

You can get your own Buzz Box here!

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