Thursday, August 6, 2015

Get Gorge

This summer I have been all about not dealing with my hair.  By that I mean no-fuss styling and staying as far away from my hair dryer as possible.  In order to achieve styles I'm comfortable walking out of the house in, I need products to help reduce (or eliminate) frizz, define my waves, and basically just tame my unruly locks.  Could I achieve this by loading on hair products?  Possibly- but gross.  No thanks.   

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gorge daily spray - the beauty puff

Recently, Boxycharm included a product by gorge* - a spray with a name longer than my hair (just kidding).  The "I'll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray" was just what my hair needed this summer.  This spray protects, detangles, repairs, and creates a smooth look all without weighing hair down.  Not only that, it smells great too.  The spray covers a large area, which minimizes the amount of product you have to use.  That definitely comes in handy for me because my hair is long and very thick.  The fact that it is a spray also helps so I don't have to handle my hair as much and further disrupt my waves.  It not only defined my waves, but made other styling aids nearly obsolete because it made everything smooth and managable all on its own - without any stickiness.  When it comes to heat styling (which will be a big part of my routine in the cooler weather), this spray will also protect my hair from damage.  Breakage and split ends will become a thing of the past.

gorge shampoo and conditioner - the beauty puff

Just when I thought my hair had it all, I tried the gorge* "Shine Like a Star Shampoo" and "No More Bad Hair Days Daily Conditioner".  I wash my hair every other day but I suppose "No More Bad Hair Days Every Other Day Conditioner" just doesn't have the same ring to it, but I digress.  The fantastic thing about the shampoo and conditioner is that it starts my frizz-free style from the moment I finish washing my hair.  What I have noticed in using this entire system together is that my hair is shinier, smoother, and more manageable from "shower to shower."  These products rinsed clean, leaving no residue so my hair had more volume and shine even on the second day.  I guess the shampoo and conditioner really gave my hair a real head start! (Pun intended.)

The ultimate test was when I only used these three products to get ready and let my hair dry naturally.  By doing this, I was able to see just how well they performed without any additional help.  I was really impressed!  I barely noticed any fly-aways or frizz.  My hair felt light, healthy and smooth without the need for heavy, sticky styling products.  Now that's a good hair day!

So far I've been loving the line of gorge* products.  I'll be excited to use them in the colder months when heat-styling gets thrown in the mix!  You can find these gorgeous products at:

Happy shopping and here's to good hair days!

The Beauty Puff

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