Friday, August 14, 2015

Doucce Basics

I was first introduced to Doucce when I received one of their Click Click lipsticks in a Boxycharm box.  I then featured even more of their fantastic lip products you can read about here.  Today we will look at some basics from the line which are staples in any makeup lover's collection - a smooth, natural finish foundation and a volumizing mascara.

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doucce all day mineral foundation - the beauty puff

All Day Mineral Foundation

This foundation features a frosted glass bottle and convenient pump.  I love the packaging design, it's very luxurious.  The pump makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of product and is ideal for travel.  The foundation itself is incredibly smooth and easy to blend on the skin.  No matter what brush I used, application was effortless and I achieved a natural, flawless finish every time.  This is  not a matte foundation as it provides a gorgeous, natural glow to the skin.  In a way it brightens your complexion to give a healthy luminescence - not unflattering shine or oiliness.  My skin is oily so I personally set it with a loose translucent powder just to take off any excess shine.  I still get a gorgeous, natural finish on the skin.

Two things to note - there is a fragrance to this foundation and it does transfer even when set with powder.  The fragrance isn't too noticeable while wearing it during the day, but does linger on foundation brushes if you don't spot clean them between uses.  Also, if you touch your skin or wear sunglasses, the foundation will transfer a bit.  Neither one of these things is a deal breaker for me because I absolutely love the look of this foundation on my skin.  I think it will work beautifully in cooler weather when my skin gets a bit drier.

doucce mascara - the beauty puff

Punk Volumizer Mascara

This mascara is one of my favorite items by Doucce.  The brush is phenominal and reaches every lash with little effort.  I literally curl my lashes and can quickly apply this mascara without paying extra attention to certain areas.  It is a bristle brush which is going to give you beautiful, natural volume.  The design is very interesting because the bristles go about 2/3 around the brush, then there is a separate line of bristles with a gap on either side.  I use this defined section for my lower lashline.  The bristles easily grip my lashes and distribute the mascara evenly with no clumps.  The brush may be larger than what some people may prefer, but I love it.  I find it to be very efficient and helps give my lashes a natural volume without the need for false lashes (which I don't use anyway).  I had no smudging or flaking with this mascara and it washed off very easily with no need for eye makeup remover.  I also love the packaging of this mascara - it definitely stands out in my collection!

Have you tried anything from Doucce?  Leave your favorites in the comments below!

You can find the entire line of Doucce cosmetics at:

The Beauty Puff

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