Monday, July 20, 2015

Square Hue - July 2015

Square Hue's Decades Collection continues this month featuring the psychedelic '60s!  This month's box features two neon matte polishes and one duochrome high gloss polish.  Each polish has its own electrifying personality that's sure to bring some "wow" to your collection!

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square hue july 2015 - the beauty puff
Left to right: Turn On & Tune In (neon mattes) Drop Out (duochrome high gloss)

Before this Square Hue Box I had honestly never tried a matte nail polish.  I haven't seen any in my local stores, but I haven't exactly sought them out specifically.  These neon mattes gave me a chance to experience the finish in a "not-so-subtle" way!  They remind me a bit of frosted glass.  There is no shine, but still a lovely finish.  Turn On is so vibrant and bright, it was hard to capture properly for photos.  If ever there was a polish to mimic yellow highlighters, this would be it.  Though this may be the least wearable shade for everyday looks, it definitely gives a unique addition to any nail polish lover's collection.  I will most likely use this shade on my toes, where I am more adventurous with color!

square hue july 2015 - the beauty puff

Tune In appears lighter in the bottle than it applies on my nails.  It looks more like a vibrant raspberry color, making it a perfect option for fall as well.  It is a bit thinner than Turn On and dries lightening fast!  So fast, in fact, as soon as I finished both hands, my first hand was completely dry.  As a mom, I REALLY appreciate the drying time of these polishes.  The other finishes are fast drying, but this one was by far the fastest I've ever experienced!

square hue july 2015 - the beauty puff

Drop Out is a stunning purple that keeps you staring at it as the light changes.  It has a purple base with shimmering tones of light blue, purple, and pink for added dimension.  Though this may seem "daring" with its psychedelic duochrome, it is a very versatile polish that works for any season.  It is definitely my favorite of the three shades in this month's box!

square hue july 2015 swatches - the beauty puff

What's New at Square Hue?

Square Hue now has a new option for those that would like two polishes instead of three!  The new BoxNo. 2 features two of the colors featured that particular month.  BoxNo. 3 is the original Square Hue box featuring three polishes as you see above.  BoxNo. 3 is $14.99 plus shipping and BoxNo. 2 is $10.99 plus shipping.  You get to decide what works best for you!  Also - Square Hue polishes are now 7 free, for an even cleaner formula.  Want to learn more?


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