Thursday, July 16, 2015

Skone Cosmetics Pretty Eyes Liners

My favorite eye looks are composed of neutral shadows.  The easiest way to add interest to these everyday looks is with eyeliners!  If you read my post on how to enhance your "no makeup" looks, you already know this is one of the tricks I use often.  Some of my newest eyeliners I use for this are the Pretty Eyes automatic eyeliners from Skone Cosmetics.  

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skone cosmetics pretty eyes - the beauty puff

The Function

These liners are smooth, easy to apply and long lasting.  The colors I have are Navy, Plum and Black.  While black is self-explanatory, the other colors surprised me as I expected darker, more jewel-toned shades.  The navy is not at all a deep blue, rather a brighter, more aqua tone.  The plum is a beautiful purple, but again not the depth of color I expected.  It is also the sheerest of the three colors.  Here are the swatches!

skone cosmetics pretty eyes swatches  - the beauty puff

As you can see the colors are really pretty.  Despite the deceiving name, I think Navy is my favorite.  It makes for a gorgeous pop of color for summer.  I wish Plum was as pigmented as the other two shades though, because I love this tone of purple.  The black is very pigmented and can be smudged out for a smokey look - a perfect staple for your collection.  I found these liners to wear fairly well (but not waterproof) and apply smoothly.  They are not the longest wearing eyeliners of the Skone Cosmetics line that I have tried, but they last on my eyes through the day as long as I do not rub them accidentally.  If you rub your eyes, be ready for them to transfer.

The Style

Automatic eyeliners are my favorite style of liners - no sharpener needed.  The downside is that as they get used, the tip gets worn down so you do not get a thin precise line.  However, I look for a precise line when using a liquid liner, not necessarily this style.  I love a soft, "smudgeable" look with most liners, so these are right up my alley.

The Bottom Line

Skone Cosmetics makes fabulous liners - for lips and eyes.  The Pretty Eyes liners have a great formulation that is super smooth and versatile to accommodate a wide variety of looks.  I wish the Plum shade was more pigmented - it is unfortunately my least favorite of the three.  However, Navy and Black are definitely great options in this line if you want creamy, easy to apply liners that can be smudged for a softer look.  If you are looking for a long-wearing waterproof option, stay tuned - I have saved the best for last!

What have you tried from Skone Cosmetics?  Leave a comment below!

Happy shopping!

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