Friday, July 24, 2015

Pretty Penny ft. the Influenster YSL Touche Eclat Box

Influenster recently sent out #YSLToucheEclat boxes to some lucky members and I was fortunate enough to be one of them!  These are the first YSL products I've ever tried.  I have never sought out to purchase this brand due to the price point.  So are they worth it?  Let's find out.

-pr sample-
ysl touche eclat - the beauty puff

At first look, these products are stunning, let's face it.  The pink and gold are eye-catching and the gold flecks in the primer are mesmerizing.  The Blur Perfector is $55 for .33 oz and the Blur Primer is $52 for 1 oz. (The primer included in the Influenster box is a deluxe sample size at .33 oz.)  The Blur Perfector even came with its own pouch.  I don't think any of my makeup has ever had its own pouch, unless you count a pocket in a purse.  Does that count?  No, I guess not.

ysl touche eclat blur perfector - the beauty puff

Blur Perfector

This product is advertised as being a touch-up product (which can also be used on its own) designed to soften imperfections, mattify, and minimize the look of pores.  It also came with a little puff for application (not pictured).  The formula is a bit tacky and a little goes a long way.  I found that gently tapping the applicator into the product worked best.  The first time I used it, I swiped the applicator on the balm and picked up too much.  If you do that, it does not apply evenly and generally looks like a mess.  Once I "perfected" my application, this blur perfector worked like a dream.  I instantly saw shine disappear and my pores blurred, revealing a smoother, more even complexion.  It dried to a powder finish so there was no detectable product or build up on my skin.

Understanding this is a touch-up product, I just wish the shine-control lasted longer.  Keep in mind, my skin gets very oily, so this may suit normal/combo skin much better.  Personally, I still had the need to blot and check on the "oil situation" on my face.  As much as I liked the immediate results, for the price, I would personally want a longer lasting product.  I think I will like this much more once my skin is a bit drier in the cooler months!

ysl touche eclat - the beauty puff

Blur Primer

The gold flecks in this primer worried me at first because I was afraid of looking like a disco ball.  Thankfully, they are not noticeable once you put on foundation.  I didn't care for the applicator that had to be taken in and out of the product, for sanitary reasons.  However, the full size features a pump which is much better!  The primer itself absorbed quickly, wasn't greasy and provided a smooth canvas for my makeup.  I can't say it is the best primer I have ever used, or that it is worth the higher price point, however.  I will certainly enjoy using what I have, as it works well.  But I would not pay for the full size product in all honesty.

So - final thoughts.  Are these nice products?  Absolutely.  However, I have (and know of) other products that work just as well or offer the same benefits at a lower price point.  For instance, I have heard remarkable things about the Mally Face Defender which is at a lower price point and has more product than the YSL Blur Perfector.  It has similar claims to the YSL in terms of blurring pores, mattifying and also claims to extend the wear of makeup.  In terms of primer, my Studio Gear Prime Objective primer blows every other primer I have tried out of the water.  It is also a more cost-effective option as opposed to the YSL primer.  Keep in mind these are just my own thoughts and opinions.  If you missed out on this Influenster box but are still interested in these type of products, the items I mentioned may be something you'd want to look into.  

If you know of other options, leave a comment below so others can learn about new products!

The Beauty Puff

*These products were sent courtesy of Influenster for testing purposes.

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