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Fabulous in a Flash with Fitglow Beauty

It's one of those mornings when my alarm goes off and I feel as if I've slept a whole two hours.  I'm exhausted.  I drag myself out of bed, shuffle to the bathroom and turn on the light. I squint to focus on the fuzzy, unrecognizable image that will soon be my reflection.  I rub my eyes, get a bit of clarity and glance back at the mirror.  Oh good grief - it's no better looking than it was before.  I've got to get ready and I don't have all day to fix this dismal, tired looking complexion.  What to do?


I wash my face to start the day and suddenly I remember... I put my Fitglow Eye Firm cream in the fridge last night.  I start brewing my coffee and grab the eye cream, which will cool and soothe my tired-looking under eye area.  Loaded with antioxidants, this nourishing cream quickly absorbs so I can carry on with my routine.  Plus, I don't have to worry about it being visible under my makeup or looking greasy - bonus!

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fitglow beauty eye cream eye bright - the beauty puff

For brightness, I reach for my Fitglow Eye Bright.  It instantly brightens my under eye area, giving the beautiful illusion of a well-rested mom.  I use my finger to warm up the product and gently tap it into the skin.  I love using brushes, but the warmth from your fingers will work best with this product.  It blends seamlessly, leaving no unnatural color or finish.  I am not only getting a visual benefit, as this product also works "behind the scenes" to reduce puffiness with aloe juice and coffee extract.  Speaking of... coffee's ready!

fitglow beauty beauty balm - the beauty puff


Now that I'm a bit more rejuvenated, it's time to help out my tired complexion.  I don't want to fuss with multiple steps when I'm exhausted, so my Fitglow Beauty Balm is the perfect choice.  It helps to moisturize and even out my complexion in one easy step.  It looks a lot more natural than a full face of foundation, which helps my skin look more fresh during the day.  On days I want a more full-coverage look I can also wear it under my makeup.  But today, simplicity is key!  I get more bang for my buck wearing this product too, as it helps restore elasticity, fights wrinkles and protects my skin.  I simply buff the product into my skin with any one of my foundation brushes.  It feels smooth and light-weight on my skin, almost as if I have nothing on.  I then set the Beauty Balm with a translucent powder just to reduce any excess shine.

fitglow beauty swatches - the beauty puff


A quick sweep of bronzer and blush to liven things up a bit and it's time for a little gloss.  Today's pick - Fitglow's Good Gloss in Nudie.  This shade will go with practically anything!  It doesn't wash me out and gives the perfect finishing touch to my "no-fuss" look.  This little beauty is infused with coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba.  Talk about moisturizing.  Application is smooth and the gloss wears beautifully without being sticky.  And not to worry, green beauty lovers, there are no petroleum-based ingredients here!  To spice things up, if I happen to go out at night, Deep is a beautiful choice to add a pop of color.  And that's it!  My look is complete thanks to some beautiful basics from Fitglow.  I'm ready to face the day with a natural, yet stunning look.

fitglow beauty - the beauty puff

  If you are looking to incorporate more natural and organic items into your beauty routine, Fitglow has you covered.  From essential skincare to colorful cosmetics, this brand is proof you can have it all with beautiful products made from safe, natural ingredients.  You can read about Fitglow's key ingredients here.

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