Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Double-Duty Beauty - Skone Luxe Doubler Liners

It's been quite a while since the last Double-Duty Beauty post! In this series, we look at products that serve multiple purposes.  In today's post we will focus on Skone Cosmetics.  They make absolutely phenomenal eyeliners.  More will be featured in future posts, but today we will focus on the Luxe Doubler - an eyeliner that doubles as a lip pencil!

-pr sample-
skone cosmetics luxe doubler - the beauty puff
Top to bottom: Pinkviolet, Coppergold, Girlypink

These liners are your typical pencil style that need to be sharpened.  Although this isn't my favorite style, it does suit the multi-purpose function of these liners.  I was really surprised with how great the formula was on these.  Below are the swatches of these beauties!

These colors are perfect for summer and Coppergold in particular will bring you right into fall!  I like Pinkviolet and Girlypink as lip shades and Coppergold as an eyeliner.  The beauty of these Luxe Doublers is that you get to decide!  Coppergold is too dark as a lip color for me personally, but great for a versatile eyeliner.  It is the perfect shade to enhance eye looks without looking overdone or too intense.  Luxe Doublers are definitely great double-duty products to suit a variety of skintones and preferences!

These liners have great lasting power.  The swatches stayed on my hand for quite a while and when they wore off, they had a staining effect which is perfect for a lip formula.  I did another test and did swatches, then about a minute later tried to wipe them off with a damp cloth - they barely budged.  If you want to fill your lips with these liners entirely, I personally would top them with a moisturizing lip product to prevent them from looking too dry.  I did notice Girlypink emphasizing some dryness on my lips, but a little gentle exfoliation and lip balm does the trick.  I particularly loved Pinkviolet on the lips.  It provided a beautiful pink stain.  I topped it with a natural lip balm and had a comfortable, beautiful lip color.  Girlypink and Pinkviolet are beautiful pops of color for the summer!

While using Coppergold as an eyeliner, it applied smoothly and the color did not fade throughout the day.  Although there is no shimmer to this liner I did find the color to have more dimension when applied.  It pairs perfectly with a bronze or gold eye look for this time of year.  No matter how you use these liners, you will have long-lasting, vibrant color.

These liners are sold individually but you can also get the entire set of six liners at a discounted price.

Additional colors: Earth Red, Salmon, Wine

Happy Shopping!

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Disclaimer- These products were sent to The Beauty Puff for review.

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