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Boxycharm July 2015 - Summertime Radness

Boxycharm is bringing long-lasting summer beauty right to your doorstep this month with the Summertime Radness box!  From a mascara to a finishing powder, Boxycharm has you covered for fun in the sun.

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boxycharm july 2015 summertime radness - the beauty puff

Products included:

MDMflow Greater Than Mascara (full size) $35.00

This mascara will be available for purchase in the U.S. at the end of July.  It is described as a highly pigmented black, volumizing mascara that washes off easily.  I hope this doesn't translate to "wears off easily" as we are in the middle of a hot, humid summer!  I will update as I start wearing it - I love the packaging!

*UPDATE* Some customers have remarked that their mascara is dry and not catching on the wand properly.  Boxycharm has received the following instructions from MDMflow:

- take wand out of tube completely then re-insert and screw shut
- shake closed mascara for 10 seconds
- unscrew the cap and "pump" the wand in and out of the tube at least 10 times

Following these steps, the wand will be properly primed for use.

I love getting makeup brushes in Boxycharm boxes!  This blush brush is made of high quality nylon fibers.  It feels soft but isn't as fluffy as blush brushes I typically use.  I will definitely try using it with different products to see what works best.

An undetectable, matte finish setting powder?  Sign me up.  This powder minimizes fine lines and pores and seems to be the texture of many HD powders I've always seen but never tried.  I love discovering new mattifying products especially for summer!

Well that name was a mouthful wasn't it?  I never style my hair without some sort of anti-frizz serum/spray etc.  This spray not only controls frizz, but keeps hair smooth, protects, conditions and improves its health with every use.  I hope it works as great as it sounds!  This little beauty also came with a $20 off coupon.  So if I love it, major savings ahead!

Universal products like this are awesome for beauty boxes.  This brow pencil is a light brown that can be applied softly for those with lighter hair, and built up for those with very dark hair.  My hair is dark brown but I prefer a medium brown brow product to provide a softer look.  This pencil looks perfect so I can't wait to try it out!  The directions say to apply directly to the eyebrow area then smudge with a brush.  I will see how it performs both with and without a brush (to save time of course!).

Total value = $132.95

Boxycharm put together a very versatile, universally appealing box this month.  The selection of products can work with multiple skintones and skin types.  Mascara is a fabulous product to have in these boxes because it needs to be used within just a few months.  For that reason, I haven't bought any in quite a while with all the beauty boxes including them lately!  Makeup brushes are one of my favorite things to get in these boxes because I will never "run out of it" like other products.  And even if this brush happens to be used for something other than blush, I will definitely have fun using it.  The setting powder is probably what I am most excited about this month, as I have oily skin so this type of product is (hopefully) exactly what my skin needs!  The leave in conditioning spray sounds like a fabulous multi-tasker that will definitely be a valuable addition to my haircare routine.  The brow pencil is a great alternative to powder that can provide a soft, long-wearing look for the summer and beyond.  Overall, love this month's Boxycharm.  They're on a roll this summer!

What did you think of Boxycharm's Summertime Radness box?

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