Monday, July 6, 2015

Beauty Bag - Travel Makeup Brushes

Travel season is here and many of us will be packing up our makeup for on-the-go glam!  One thing I always felt was missing from my collection was a GOOD set of travel makeup brushes.  I have purchased sets in the past that were so-so quality or were not sufficient for all my makeup application.  One brush I typically do not look for in a travel set is a foundation brush.  That is one thing I am ok with not being included in a set.  But for eye brushes in particular, I want soft, quality, versatile brushes that can get the job done without taking up a lot of space.  Before I delved into the It Brushes for Ulta collection, I found this gem of a set and it instantly got me hooked on this line.  My beloved travel brushes are the It Brushes for Ulta Your Face & Eye Essentials Mini 5 Pc Travel Brush Set.

it brushes for ulta travel - the beauty puff

Brushes included:

Complexion brush: perfect for bronzer, blush or powder - super soft and a versatile size to provide efficient blending but small enough to allow you to apply a soft contour

it brushes for ulta shadow - the beauty puff

Shadow brush: great for packing on color or sweeping a sheer wash of shadow over the lid

it brushes for ulta crease - the beauty puff

Crease brush: perfect for crease work, outer corner, or all over the lid - blend blend blend!

it brushes for ulta smudger - the beauty puff

Smudger brush: provides a soft shadow of color on lower lash line and is not the least bit scratchy!

it brushes for ulta liner - the beauty puff

Liner/brow brush: use with eyeshadow for a precise but soft liner look or brow powder to define brows

These brushes are SO soft.  One thing I noticed from other travel brush sets I have purchased previously, is that the eye brushes are so dense and scratchy!  These brushes are soft and wash beautifully.  When I use them I don't feel I am sacrificing anything in my makeup application.  I find them to be the same quality as the full size It Brushes for Ulta, just with a shorter handle.  They are still really comfortable to use.  I can blend, pack on color, line my eyes, smudge, and get a whole array of looks from just these brushes.

it brushes for ulta - the beauty puff

If you are in the market for a travel brush set or want to try this line of brushes without investing in a bunch for the full sizes, I highly recommend this set!  It even comes with a nice travel case that is sturdy, good quality, and easy to wipe clean if needed.  Overall a wonderful set for the money!

Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

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