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Beauty Bag - Cargo Cosmetics The Essentials Palette

Finding a palette to travel with can be difficult.  For me, a travel-friendly palette should have a versatile shade selection with a mix of finishes to create well-balanced looks.  Typically, neutrals tend to be the most versatile and can complement a wide variety of skintones.  These also happen to be my favorite shades.  As luck would have it, Cargo created a must-have, universally appealing palette, as the name implies - The Essentials.  Or as I like to call it, The Everyday Stylish Shades Everyone Needs To Impress And Look Stunning!  (Ok, The Essentials will do.)

-pr sample-

The Shades

Uptown - a versatile highlighting shade perfect for the inner corner or brow bone
District - a peachy nude shimmery shade gorgeous for all over the lid
City Hall - a matte ivory that works beautifully as a subtle brow bone highlight
Urban - a smooth "greige" perfect for the crease or blending between colors
Rush Hour - a light camel/brown tone that warms up the crease or transitions to a darker shade
Plaza - similar to Urban but with a deeper gray tone, great for cooler toned looks

Downtown - a deep gray/charcoal black that will deepen looks without being too harsh
Industry - a gray shimmer with blue undertones
Metro - a coppery brown shimmer that warms up the crease or the entire lid
Brownstone - a matte chocolate brown that can intensify the outer corner or be used as a liner
Hub - a beautiful taupe shimmer with a subtle gold undertone
Facade - a matte blue-toned black that comes out a bit softer than Downtown

The Swatches

The Function

I have really been enjoying this palette lately.  It has matte brow bone highlight, inner corner highlight, transition/mid-tone shades, shimmery tones perfect for one shadow looks, and deep shades for intensifying looks.  What else could I need?  

My favorite shades for one-shadow looks are Industry, Metro and Hub.  They are stunning accompanying other shades in the palette but work beautifully on their own for a simple, polished look.  My favorite brightening lid shade is District.  It is very flattering on my fair skin, plus I love nude/peachy shades!  The deeper tones compliment the lighter tones very well in this palette.  They work beautifully as liners for a more subtle look.  If you want more definition, this palette also comes with a creamy black liner.  It's the perfect compliment to these shades to bring your look from day to night in an instant.

Urban and Plaza are definitely my go-to transition shades in this palette.  Some palettes don't even have transition shades, let alone two of them.  Matte transitions are a must to balance out shimmery looks and blend between colors.  If a palette has all shimmery tones, I tend to reach for other colors to finish off my look.  I don't need to do that at all with this palette!

The Style

I love Cargo's design inspiration with this palette - urban architecture.  The outer packaging features a cool-toned skyline that mimics the colors in the palette.  The palette itself is sturdy with a magnetic closure.  I have the Shanghai Palette and it has the same styling which I love.  Inside the palette there is a mirror, dual ended brush and black eyeliner as described above.  Everything fits securely and I was able to create looks with the brush included, which is actually very nice!  A perfect palette for travel or for everyday that literally has all the essentials!

The Bottom Line

If you are new to Cargo Cosmetics or are looking for a new high-end versatile palette, this is the perfect choice.  It has everything you need for daytime, nighttime, and is suitable for every season.  If you are traveling this summer, this would really be the only eyeshadow palette you would need!  No matter your age or skintone, this palette has something for everyone.  I highly recommend this gorgeous palette.  You can find it on Cargo's website as well as Ulta, Kohl's and Nordstrom.

Happy Shopping!

The Beauty Puff

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