Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Pure Puff - Petit Vour June 2015

If you read my Ipsy post for this month, you found out I would not be featuring Ipsy anymore because I found a new, more natural beauty subscription.  Well, here it is!  I'm so excited to now be featuring Petit Vour, a cruelty-free, vegan beauty subscription.  This beauty box is $15/month and features an amazing variety of cruelty-free brands you can see here!  Why have I chosen Petit Vour?  In an effort to feature a wider variety of products on The Beauty Puff, I wanted to find a natural beauty subscription that can introduce me, and my readers, to new and interesting brands that have a lot to offer.  So without further adieu, my June Petit Vour box!

Petit Vour June 2015 - the beauty puff


This is a beautiful gray eyeliner that I will get a lot of use out of.  I prefer a softer liner most of the time and this is a perfect cool tone for any season.

100% Pure facial cleansing brush - $9
This brush is really soft and can be used with any face wash or to help scrub off a face mask.  As luck would have it, this box came with one!

This is quite a unique product as there is a recipe to turn this into a hair mask!  The face mask simply requires water but to transform into a hair mask, the recipe on says to add greek yogurt and honey.  Personally I am excited to use this as a face mask because it has activated bamboo and charcoal that draws out oil and improves skin's texture.  The Konjac Sponge I have is also made with bamboo charcoal and I LOVE how it has made my skin feel.  I was really excited to see a mask with these ingredients included in this month's Petit Vour box!!

The description card that came with the Petit Vour box says this item is a $9 value but the 1 ml size on the website says $6.  Either way, this spot serum is really potent and has already helped one of my blemishes in less than a day!  It has a roller ball which makes application easy - I rolled it onto my clean finger to apply so the roller ball stays as "bacteria-free" as possible.  The smell is definitely potent you may choose to use this as a night treatment.

Total Value = ~$53.50

Overall... I am impressed.  This box included beneficial things my skin will love and a beautiful eyeliner that will work with a multitude of looks.  I am already finding these items useful and they will not get shoved in the back of a drawer and forgotten like many items I had gotten from Ipsy.  Not only that, everything is a great size.  The spot treatment is small, but you don't need very much at all so it will last a fairly long time.  And the full size eyeliner?  Awesome.  This box has far surpassed my expectations and I am so happy I made the switch!

I'm really excited to discover new brands through Petit Vour!  What do you think of this box?  If you know of any other natural beauty boxes, leave a comment below!

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