Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Pure Puff - Inside and Out Cosmetics

In an effort to feature more natural and organic brands on The Beauty Puff I have discovered some pretty amazing products... and companies for that matter.  These natural/organic posts will now have their own dedicated series called The Pure Puff.  When I find a company that not only makes a fantastic product, but gives back to a wonderful cause, I want to spread the word!  Today we will look at some lovely lip products from Inside and Out Cosmetics.

Inside and Out Cosmetics features all natural and USDA certified organic ingredients.  Their botanical-rich products are the ultimate in quality and luxury and are never tested on animals.  While many companies can offer these benefits, not all can say they donate 10% of their revenue to charities that empower women.  Currently, Inside and Out Cosmetics donates to Women of the World which helps women learn skills to provide for their families.  Not only that, their lip colors are named after exemplary women whose beauty goes beyond what makeup can provide.  I think it is important to support companies that want to embrace women's beauty - both inside and out!

Below are just some of the gorgeous options you can choose from, including my new favorite gloss!

-pr sample-
Inside and Out Cosmetics - the beauty puff

Top left: Rosa lipstick  Bottom left: Lucy lip gloss  Right Center: Eleanor lipstick
Lip glosses - Left: Jackie  Right: Anne

Sample Kit

Inside and Out Cosmetics offers a lip sample kit so you can explore the texture and pigmentation of three different shades to find what suits your style.  Rosa is a vibrant red lipstick that can provide a beautiful cherry-stained look or a rich, classic red lip.  It has no shimmer in it but can be accompanied by the Lucy lip gloss for added shine and sparkle.  On its own Lucy provides its own glamorous look for a one-step juicy red lip.  Eleanor is a beautiful mauve that enhances my natural lip color without looking "overdone."  It is a gorgeous everyday shade that can be layered for opacity or lightly applied for a natural staining effect.

Inside and Out Cosmetics swatches - the beauty puff

Top to Bottom: Anne, Jackie,

Lip Glosses

Anne - This lip gloss is provides a beautiful sheer berry tone to the lips.  It can be worn on its own or layered over a more neutral lip for added color.  It applies with more of a pink undertone than it appears to have in the tube.

Jackie- This nude gloss is my new favorite!  It has a gorgeous peach undertone that makes it versatile without washing me out.  It is a perfect "go-to" for virtually any look I can come up with.  This is a great lip gloss to throw in your purse when you need to look polished on the go!

These lip glosses are smooth, nourishing and not at all sticky  They apply evenly and do not wear off in an unflattering way (no settling into creases!).  Whether you are looking for an everyday, versatile shade or a vibrant pop of color, there's something for everyone in their collection.  There is even a clear gloss called Teresa that can be used on its own or over any of their lipsticks for added shine.

If you are looking for more natural/organic beauty products that support a good cause, be sure to visit www.insideandoutcosmetics.com!

Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

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