Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Studio Gear Matte Bronzer

Studio Gear Matte Bronzer

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The Product 

A good matte bronzer is like a little black dress.  It is an absolute staple, but can be very difficult to find.  Studio Gear's products have always surpassed my expectations in terms of color pay off and longevity.  It comes as no surprise when I got their matte bronzer, it was love at first sight.

The Function

This bronzer is incredibly smooth, pigmented and blendable.  It provides a rich bronze color without being too dark or orange for my light skin.  The color is buildable and can be used as a defining contour powder or as an overall bronzer for a sunkissed glow.  I personally use a Real Techniques Blush Brush to sweep this bronzer under my cheekbones and up around my hairline for subtle definition.

This bronzer is also unique in that it contains an ingredient, kaolin, which is a clay mineral used in cosmetics for its ability to absorb.  My skin is oily/combination so I appreciate any dual purpose product that helps control my oiliness!

The Style

I love the sleek compact this bronzer comes in.  It is simple, portable, and features a very good sized mirror.  Many mirrors are deemed useless by their minute size or poor quality.  This mirror is a fantastic size and I find myself using it quite often.  Studio Gear does not waste space with unnecessary bulk in their packaging which I really appreciate.

The Bottom Line

I have yet to be disappointed by a Studio Gear Cosmetics item.  Basics in the beauty world can be hard to find... a matte bronzer, a matte shadow, or a good quality blush for example.  I have been lucky enough to find each of those with this brand.  Not only are their items amazing quality but they can be found at a wonderful price as well.  I bought several items for around 75% off with free shipping not too long ago!  Their shipping rate is extremely low to begin with which is a real bonus.  So keep an eye on this brand.. they have a lot to offer!

Special Deal!

Enjoy this and other gorgeous Studio Gear products and use coupon code "thebeautypuff" to get 10% off your entire order!

Happy shopping!

The Beauty Puff

*Disclaimer - This product was sent to The Beauty Puff for review.

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