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Purlisse Moisturizers


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The Product

Pur~lisse pur~protect essential daily moisturizer has been a favorite of mine for a while now after being introduced to the brand by Ipsy.  Both of these moisturizers are free of parabens, petrochemical, color, synthetic fragrance, propylene glycol, and phthalates.  This brand is also cruelty free!  Skincare is one thing I do not "skimp" on.  It is one area where quality definitely comes first.  These moisturizers last quite a while, so not only are you getting amazing skin-loving ingredients, but they are a good value as well!

The Function

Both of these moisturizers have worked wonders on my skin.  My skin is sensitive and can get quite red and irritated.  I have had no irritation or redness since using these products!  They quench my skin's thirst without feeling greasy, heavy or leaving any residue.  Both moisturizers do an incredible job at hydrating my skin and absorbing thoroughly.  Pur~protect (left) emphasizes its quick absorption for a completely weightless feeling on the skin.  It has SPF which is an absolute essential during the day.  If you put this kind of product in your skincare routine, you do not have to worry as much about whether or not your foundation has SPF.  Pur~moist (right) has more of a "slip" to it, making it feel incredibly rich as it glides across the skin.  Both of these moisturizers have Vitamin E which is essential for maintaining healthy skin.  They also have white tea which repels airborne impurities and protects skin from damage.  The vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides in these products leave skin nourished and promote healthy, youthful skin.

The Style

The packaging of these moisturizers is slim and easy to fit in a bag for travel or while out and about.  I think a "squeeze tube" is my favorite style for most things that go on my skin.  It is sanitary, easy to get practically every drop of product out, and doesn't get clogged like a pump might.  This is also my favorite style for foundation, for example.  The packaging of pur~lisse products is simple, yet fresh and stylish at the same time.  I am a huge fan of what is on the inside AND outside of these products!!

The Bottom Line

Since I love both of these moisturizers I will be using the pur~protect during the day and pur~moist at night.  It is never too early to protect your skin and use products that have multiple benefits.  I highly recommend these products especially if you have sensitive skin!  I know my skin will "thank me" in years to come from using these amazing products!

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