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Pretty Penny - Milani Color Statement Nail Polish

Milani Color Statement Nail Polish Swatches

milani color statement nail polish - the beauty puff

In case you haven't heard, it's clearance time at CVS!  I have two stores near me and one hasn't marked anything down yet (even when I scanned these identical items, they came up full price!).  I got these Milani Color Statement nail polishes 50% off so they were each $2.75.  PLUS you can combine your Extra Bucks, and I had $1 so I got an additional (small) discount.  So keep that in mind when you shop these clearance sales.  ALSO be sure to scan your CVS card at the red scanner before you shop to find addition coupons you may be able to use.  I do not shop much at CVS but I am learning to check there more and more seeing these great deals!

I just got these nail polishes, and never having bought this brand before, thought I would share swatches in case any of you wanted to see them before purchasing!

milani color statement nail polish swatches - the beauty puff

From Left to Right: Doll Face, Mint Crush, Club Lights & Imperial Purple

I am so pleasantly surprised by this nail polish formula!  I can't believe it has taken me so long to try them.  The formula is thick (not goopy), opaque, smooth, and easy to apply.  One coat of these polishes had good opacity but for longevity and enhanced color I applied two coats.  I was so excited while swatching these I paused to do my own nails!  I put Mint Crush on my fingers and Doll Face on my toes.  Mint Crush definitely leans more toward a light blue than mint to me, but I still think it is a gorgeous color.  And Doll Face, holy pink goodness!  I LOVE this color.  It just screams bubblegum to me.  Totally toe-worthy for sandal season!  Imperial Purple and Club Lights both applied smoothly in two coats.  

Club Lights doesn't take any special "tweaking" with glitter placement as it has a mix of three different size glitters in it.  The smallest "fine" glitter and largest (hexagon from what I can see) glitter are a lighter pink.  There are also small glitters in a deeper pink mixed in.  I love this type of glitter layered with a white, light pink, or nude shade underneath!

As an added bonus, these polishes are 3 Free which admittedly, I did not know before I purchased them.  So that was a great surprise!  High quality, 3 Free, beautiful nail polish for a steal.  I will definitely be getting more of these nail polishes! If you see these at your local CVS on clearance, I definitely recommend them!

What's on your toes today? :)

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