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Pretty Penny - Lorac Find at Nordstrom Rack

Lorac The Resort Palette

lorac the resort palette - the beauty puff

I can't resist a deal.  If you've been reading The Beauty Puff for any length of time, you know I love sales, clearance, coupons, you name it.  I do not find myself at Nordstrom Rack often (which is a good thing for my wallet!) but when I am near, I always check the cosmetics section.  This is where I have purchased, I'd say 90% of my Lorac items.  Their palettes and kits have always enticed me, but only at Nordstrom Rack prices.  I have also gotten the Mint Edition Eye/Cheek palette with lip gloss set there, for example.  The gloss with that set is my favorite Lorac gloss, what a find!

lorac the resort palette - the beauty puff

The Lorac Resort Palette is a gorgeous assortment of eyeshadows, blushes, a highlight and stunning matte bronzer perfectly suited to this time of year.  This is one of those palettes I will constantly reach for because it has everything in it I need to get gorgeous in a flash.  The packaging is stylish, slim, and features a mirror which is perfect for travel!  I am extremely impressed with the pigmentation and color selection in this palette!

lorac the resort palette - the beauty puff

The Details

I will go in order starting at the top left so you can follow along! 

The highlight - This highlight is subtle with a light application but can definitely be built up if you prefer an intense highlight.  I used a light hand with a duo fiber brush and it was gorgeous!  The texture is smooth and there are no chunks of unflattering/unnatural glitter.  I ALSO used this as an inner corner highlight and brow highlight as the next shade did not brighten my brow bone enough. 

The matte nude - This shade matched my skintone very well - too well to be a brightening brow bone highlight.  However, I used it under my brow bone topped with the highlight shade... perfection.  I always use a concealer to clean up under my brows and top with my brow bone highlight.  I simply used this shade on top and followed with the highlight for an added glow.

The rose gold/bronze shades - These two shades are my favorites and compliment each other very well.  The rose gold isn't too pink/red that it makes you look "sick" like many rosy shades tend to do.  It has the perfect amount of gold in it to warm up the eye and be flattering all on its own.  The bronze is a beautiful shade that isn't too brown and isn't at all muddy when applied.  It is a very versatile shade that would also be gorgeous for a nighttime smokey eye.

Bright pink blush- This shade is beautiful for the warmer months.  It comes off brighter than I realized, but not in a bad way.  A light hand at first will do the trick!  I used a duo fiber brush to tap into the product and had no problem getting a beautiful pink flush on my cheeks.  I love this one!

The matte black and brown shadows - These are perfect to double as liners but they do have fallout so just beware of that, or do your foundation last.  They are incredibly smooth and pigmented.  Very "buttery" if you will.  I love the matte brown topped with the bronze shade for an intense summer night look!

The olive green shadow - This color caught me off guard.  At first look I didn't think I would like it and much to my surprise I looove it!  It looks stunning on the lower lash line as a dash of unique color to these otherwise neutral tones.  The golden shimmer in this shade is gorgeous, you will love it!

The darker pink blush - This blush will take you right into fall.  I think the only thing really summery in this palette is the bright pink blush.  Obviously bronze/golden tones are more geared toward the warmer months, but the shades in this palette are wonderful "year-rounders" if you ask me.  This blush is smooth and incredibly pigmented, I suggest a lighter hand at first with this shade as well.

  The bronzer - This is a beautiful bronzer that is not at all orange.  If you are in a pinch and have darker hair, it can double as a brow powder.  The formula is smooth and creamy and blends well on my light skin.  It can even be used as a contour powder because of its cool tone.

lorac the resort palette swatches - the beauty puff

All-in-all I am thrilled, as usual, by this Lorac purchase.  The fact that it was only $14.97 didn't hurt either!  There were a bunch of these palettes at my Nordstrom Rack so I wanted to get this post up ASAP so you can all take advantage of this great deal!  I hope you enjoyed this Pretty Penny post!

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