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Mwah Lip Balms

Mwah Lip Balm

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The Product

No matter the time of year, I am always reaching for a lip balm!  Today we will be looking at a natural line of lip balms from Mwah!  This formula is 100% natural and contains no parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals.  Their lip balms come in two different styles - your typical sticks and a unique slider which can be applied with your fingers or directly to your lips.  The sliders I have are available separately but there is also a 4-pack which includes cherry which is sold exclusively at Sam's.  Check out their website to find a retailer near you!

The Function

These lip balms are not your typical waxy formulation.  The key ingredient in these natural balms is mango butter!  Mango butter promotes healthy skin and protects against the sun which is perfect especially for this time of year.  These balms provide intense hydration you can feel at first application.  Application is smooth without any tugging on the lips.  The balm lasted several hours before I felt the need for reapplication.  It also helped prepare my lips for lipstick application without feeling heavy or sticky.  They apply completely clear but provide a flattering sheen to the lips.

I love the variety of sweet scents these lip balms come in.  The sticks come in Creamsicle, Strawberry Sweetheart and Mango Madness.  The sliders I have are Sweet Tart, Mango Tango and Coconut Chick.  They do not "taste" like anything but their smells are light, fresh and fun.  I actually think the Coconut Chick slider has the most potent smell, at least to me.  I love coconut so I'm a huge fan.  I have applied the slider using my finger as well as simply "rubbing" my lips on it, and both ways work.  You may find it looking a bit odd to rub your lips on it out in public, but it will definitely start a conversation!  

mwah lip balm slider - the beauty puff

The Style

I love the style of these lip balms.  Whether you choose the standard stick variety or the sleek slider, you still get the same incredible formula.  The slider is convenient for a pocket in your purse, though I personally would not put it in a pocket in my pants in case it melted!  I love the versatility of the slider packaging though.  I am always rummaging through my purse for things so I appreciate the unique shape of this so I can easily find it without even looking.  If you are not comfortable putting your fingers in the product while out on the go, you can easily apply it directly to your lips with this style.  The "case" is stiff plastic, without any give to it, so the product is protected and will not get damaged.  It also clicks shut so you know it will not come open when in your purse or pocket.  The outer packaging of both the stick and slider lip balms is cute and eye-catching!  If you are a sucker for packaging, this will definitely hook you!  

mwah lip balm sticks - the beauty puff

The Bottom Line

Are these lip balms attractive to buyers? Absolutely.  But the ingredients in the product itself are even more attractive.  Many times natural products do not appear as "interesting" because of their simple look but that definitely is not the case with these lip balms.  With so many skin-loving ingredients these lip balms, regardless of style, will have your lips protected and summer-ready in no time.  The fact that they are fun and eye-catching will just make you want to apply them even more!

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