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Meet Your "Matte"ch - Studio Gear T-Zone Mattifier

Studio Gear T-Zone Mattifier

studio gear t zone mattifier - the beauty puff
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I thought we would start this series with something that has become a recent favorite of mine!  If you are a new reader of The Beauty Puff or haven't read any of my skincare posts, here's a spoiler: I have oily skin.  Not the most wonderful way to start our introductions, but that's life right?  I have come a long way in the skincare/cosmetics world in dealing with my oily skin and finding the right products to "reign in the oil" so to speak.  This mattifier is one of the newest products I have found to help control oil behind the scenes.

First - how did I find this product?  Studio Gear has been a long time favorite brand that I (admittedly) lost track of when it stopped being carried at Ulta years ago.  Below are previous Studio Gear posts I have featured if you'd like to read more about my other favorite products:

Studio Gear Matte Bronzer

I am not a big fan of multiple layers of heavy product on my face.  I do not use a thick mask of concealer or foundation to hide imperfections.  I prefer fewer, light layers of well-performing products that still allow my skin to look, well, like skin.  That is one reason I really like this mattifier.  It also does not add any noticeable color or texture to my skin.

How I use this product: I apply this mattifier after my moisturizer but before my primer.  There may be people that would do otherwise, but this is the way I feel works best for me.  I want the mattifier to absorb in my skin and be able to do its job.  I also want my primer to come just before my foundation so it can provide a smooth canvas.  I simply wait a minute or two for the product to absorb, then continue on with my routine.

I have used this mattifier with liquid as well as powder foundations.  Although I always use products geared toward oily skin, I find this mattifier enhances and improves the mattifying nature of the foundations I am using.  Take for example, Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless foundation.  This, quite honestly, does not do as good of a job as I'd like controlling my oil on its own.  I like its natural finish, how it blends, and the way it looks on my skin when first applied.  However, my t-zone continues to get oily with this foundation and sometimes it needs a little extra help to make it through the day!

The Studio Gear T-Zone Mattifier does an amazing job working with other products and extending the beautiful matte finish of my makeup.  It is easy to use, lightweight, absorbs quickly, and a little goes a long way!  With the warmer weather starting, I am really glad to have this mattifier as an added barrier to help control oil.

I hope you enjoyed this first entry in the Meet Your "Matte"ch Series!  Stay tuned, many more to come!!

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