Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Itty Bitty Puff Series - Intro

Itty Bitty Puff Introduction

itty bitty puff - the beauty puff

Long before I had a baby of my own I often ventured into the baby aisles scoping out products and wondered - can I use this too?  As someone with sensitive skin some of the alternatives in the baby aisle looked like much better options and some were at a better price point than the beauty aisle!  

Now that I find myself in the baby section a lot I am always reading, trying, smelling, and investigating new products that are gentle enough for my baby but intriguing to me as well!  With all these tips and tricks related to products meant for babies and children, how do they fit into The Beauty Puff?  That is why I decided to start a new, occasional series called Itty Bitty Puff!

This series will focus on skincare, as you see above, organic products, child-friendly products as well as multi-purpose items you can use in your beauty routine!  This is not to say everything in your beauty routine can be replaced, but there are some alternatives out there that can be helpful in a pinch and sometimes save money.

I hope you enjoy this series and find some helpful ideas for you or your Itty Bitty Puff!

The Beauty Puff

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