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Brush Cleanser - Beauty Puff Pick

Brush Cleanser

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Today I'm going to share my pick for brush cleanser when I spot clean my brushes.  What is "spot clean?"  To me that means little cleanings in between thorough washings.  These type of cleanings can remove excess product and improve brush performance.  For more extensive cleaning, I use baby shampoo.  

There are many special products sold to help with cleaning makeup brushes.  There are liquid cleaners, solid cleaners, and even textured surfaces/mits designed to help get the most thorough cleaning possible.  When I spot clean my brushes I use Japonesque Brush Cleanser.

japonesque makeup brush cleanser - the beauty puff

 I have purchased this cleanser at Ulta in the 4.25 oz. spray bottles and then 16 oz. larger bottles to refill the spray bottles for future use.  These items are coupon friendly at Ulta so I wait until they are on sale and then use coupons to maximize savings.

I do not own any fancy accessories to help in cleaning my brushes.  I even toyed with the idea of making my own brush cleaner once, but I go through the Japonesque cleaner so slowly that it's still cost-effective to purchase the product I know and love.  The only additional product I utilize is a wash cloth to wipe off my brushes.

How I use this product: I use my smaller spray bottle with the Japonesque Brush Cleanser and spray the product directly on my brushes.  The amount varies by the size of the brush I am cleaning.  I usually spray my eye brushes 2-3 times and for larger face brushes 4-6 times.  After spraying a brush, I use a wash cloth to rub off excess product.  I usually move the brush in a circular motion, clockwise, then counter clockwise, until no product remains.   If I need to spot clean a brush just prior to use I wait around 5 minutes to allow it to dry thoroughly.

The Japonesque Brush Cleanser has a nice clean, citrus scent that I really enjoy.  I can really see and feel  how well it cleans my brushes after each use.  I have been using this product for years and have never bought another cleanser because I like this one so much.  Keep in mind I use this for between extensive washes.  This does not replace thorough washings but it certainly helps with product build-up, conditioning, disinfecting, and cleansing.

Also, I highly recommend getting cheap wash clothes.  I use wash clothes for my brushes all the time.  Whether for cleanings or to wipe off my brushes between colors.  I just throw them in the laundry and then they are good as new.  Useful, cost-effective and sanitary!

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