Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Acure Organics Toner

Acure Organics Toner

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The Product

When it comes to toners I like to keep it simple.  Natural witch hazel is my toner of choice because it cleans, refreshes, and clarifies my skin without irritating it.  Acure's Facial Toner has witch hazel as well as rose and red tea to calm and balance the skin.  This toner is suitable for normal to oily skin and contains all organic ingredients.

The Function

How I use this product - The directions for this toner say to either spray directly onto your face or spray on to a cotton round and then apply.  I personally use a cotton round and spray it several times (5 or so?) until it is moistened with enough product to use on my entire face.  I feel like I get the most use out of the product using it this way and it will last longer.

I love how refreshing and gentle this toner is.  I can feel how clean my face is after using it (and see excess dirt on the cotton round thank you very much).  My face feels refreshed without being stripped of all its moisture.  After just a few days of using it my skin looked rejuvenated and not as red particularly on my cheeks.  It definitely has a smell, a combination of the witch hazel and rose from what I can detect, but it doesn't bother me.  I haven't had any irritation following use of this toner like I usually do with more harsh toners containing salicylic acid, for example.  This toner is the perfect balance of effective ingredients while still being gentle on my sensitive skin.  

The Style

This toner is in a glass bottle with a spray top for dispensing product.  I am used to having to pour toners out of bottles but I really like the spray feature!  The fact that this bottle is glass will make it more of a challenge to travel with but I would recommend wrapping it in something to prevent breakage.  I love the packaging design of Acure Organics products.  It is simple but really pretty and I enjoy seeing their products out on my vanity or even just in my bathroom.  I just have to be careful with this product in my medicine cabinet to make sure it doesn't fall out and break!

The Bottom Line

I have been trying several of products by Acure Organics lately and I've yet to find one that I dislike.  I love finding brands that make effective products containing safe, natural ingredients.  I am so confident in this brand and its organic products I have even delved into their baby products that will be featured in my new series, Itty Bitty Puff!  More from Acure Organics to come so stay tuned!

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